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Macronutrient Cycling Resources

Below are top resources on SparkPeople for Macronutrient Cycling.

Here’s Why Macronutrients Are a Big Deal

There's a lot of buzz about macronutrients in the health and fitness world—but how much do you really know about them? It's a given that all nutrients are essential to any healthy diet, but are some more important than others? And how m...  Read more

How Much Protein Do I Really Need?

These days, protein is a powerful word. So powerful that more and more food companies are boasting about the protein content of their foods and manufacturing newer protein-rich products to meet our demands for the essential nutrient. Why? Ask the ave...  Read more

About SparkPeople's Recommendations provides free tools, resources and support for adults who want to improve their diets, establish a healthy lifestyle, get physically active, lose weight and/or manage their weight. We stand by our weight-loss, exercise and dietar...  Read more

4 Spinning Options that Scorch Serious Calories

These days, you can't scroll through your email without spotting an online coupon for a new type of indoor cycling class. Whether it's for a classic Spinning® class, SoulCycle, CycleBar, Peloton or a RealRyder bike, the options are practi...  Read more

Confessions of a Reformed Procrastinator

This article has been a long time coming. In fact, it’s probably several years overdue. Why? Because… I’m a closet procrastinator. I’ve been too aware for too long that I’ve suffered this affliction. In college, 73...  Read more

Anyone else do carb cycling?
Updated 9/23/2016 8:18:18 PM

Anyone else do carb cycling?...  Read more

Just started carb cycling on Monday, lost 3 pounds
Updated 9/22/2016 3:46:12 PM

Just started carb cycling on Monday, lost 3 pounds already!! Has anyone else done Chris Powell's program?...  Read more

Stuck in a cycle and depressed
Updated 9/28/2016 2:07:02 PM

Not too different from some people I'm sure, but I've been dealing with my depression, and it's causing me to gain the weight I just lost. I find myself getting complacent and telling myself I deserve to relax and live life, and then falling into thi...  Read more

I am just starting Carb Cycling....I have been doi

I am just starting Carb Cycling....I have been doing macros on and off for the last 2 years along with weight training. My body composition has really changed but I stalled out on weight loss and have about 40 lbs left to get to goal weight. I ...  Read more

A friend of mine mentioned carb cycling...has any
Updated 9/12/2016 8:01:04 AM

A friend of mine mentioned carb cycling...has any of you tried this? Thoughts?...  Read more


Get a bike and cycle as much as you can. We have several cycle paths off road around where I live...  Read more

Cycling not shopping

Ever since I started to cycle outside I find I spend less money. I choose to drive to an asphalt trail and cycle away. Keeps me from shopping when bored or doing other such nonsense. My Bonus is the exercise and I love cycling now! Find something you...  Read more

Cycling - Road, Mountain, Fun, Racing

Discussion forum for those who like all forms of cycling (road, tour, mountain, leisure, race)...  Read more

Which is Better? The Halloween Edition

Even when you are trying to be on your best behavior and outsmart temptation, Halloween candy can be too much. It is possible to make a choice that not only treats your sweet tooth but also provides some nutritional benefit with the calories. ...  Read more

New Study Reveals Possible Way to Lose Weight for Good

A small study recently published in The Journal of the American Medical Association reviewed the clinical responses of three popular diet regimens in people that had already achieved weight loss. The goal of the study was to not only look at energy e...  Read more