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Lying Quad Stretch Resources

Below are top resources on SparkPeople for Lying Quad Stretch.

6 Stretches Every Runner Should Do

Stretching is an important component of any fitness routine. Although it can be tempting to finish a run and skip the stretches, you know better. Stretching has many benefits, including increased range of motion and improved muscular coordination. Re...  Read more

Basic Stretching Routine

Stretching is good for you, and it feels great, too! That's why we created this short and effective full-body stretching routine that you can follow whether you're a beginner or an advanced exerciser. Remember to warm up first and never stret...  Read more

Exercises to Improve Your Posture

If the eyes are the windows to the soul, then posture is a lens to our health. Sit and stand with proper posture and you will physically look 10 years younger—and 10 pounds lighter. Psychologically, good posture conveys confidence, poise and le...  Read more

Daily Stretching Routine

Are you always on the run and running out of time to stretch? Try adding a few standing stretches throughout the day. Whether standing in line, waiting for the bus or watching a soccer game, you can squeeze in some quality flexibility training. You c...  Read more

How to Use the Leg Extension Machine

In this exercise, movement will come from the knees. The Setup Sit on the chair and place your feet behind the foot pads, which should make contact with your lower shin, just above your ankles. Adjust the seat so that the back of your legs lie...  Read more

Stress is overwhelming me, but I got stretching, w
Updated 9/23/2015 9:12:44 PM

Stress is overwhelming me, but I got stretching, weights, yoga & a 4-mile walk in so far. Just keep swimming!!! It really helps!...  Read more

hey about to lay down and take a nap i have to be
Updated 9/22/2015 8:32:57 PM

hey about to lay down and take a nap i have to be at work at three and i get off at 8 New to this I'm hoping that this works out for me i'm ready to meet new people and reach my goal weight loss and ideas to help me use this better...  Read more

Film - The Invention of Lying
Updated 10/1/2015 11:53:39 PM
A Copy and paste the address into your browser, the link seems to be bad when I "link" it. TOO FUNNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ...  Read more

Stretching was my suggestion too...feel better!

Stretching was my suggestion too...feel better!...  Read more

I am 28, I have very little stretch marks and I've
Updated 9/12/2015 9:33:30 PM

I am 28, I have very little stretch marks and I've never had children (I adopted). I have over 100lbs to lose and plan to do so slow. is there any chance with alot of lotions, I won't have lots of loose skin?...  Read more

Quad Stretches in the Pool

If you are having troubles doing stretches, particularly quad stretches, try doing them in the pool. Use a noodle to capture your foot, pull it to the side and then twist it behind you and use the noodle and the water to help you stretch the front o...  Read more

Wall sits while brushing teeth

Break your two minutes of brushing time into 30 second segments. Do a wall sit during the first 30, rest during the second 30, wall-sit during the 3rd segment, and rest during the last. It makes sure you brush your teeth long enough, too!...  Read more

Mothers of Multiples

Welcome! This sparkteam is for Mothers of multiples..Twins, Triplets, Quads, or more. This is a great place to get ideas, offer support, share stories, and make new friends in our weight loss journey!...  Read more

8 Resistance Band Exercises for a Full Body Workout

Full body resistance band workouts are great for when you are short on time and going to the gym is not an option. They provide an excellent alternative for a full range of exercises when you do not have access to free weights or other exercise equi...  Read more

4 Moves to Rev Your Metabolism

Boost Your Metabolism in 15 MinutesThe single best way to fire up your calorie burn is with total-body workouts that combine cardio with resistance training. “The goal is to use as many different parts of the body as possible, because the more...  Read more