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Lower Ldl Resources

Below are top resources on SparkPeople for Lower Ldl.

Loving Your Heart

Evidence suggests that on February 14, 269 A.D., Valentine was martyred for secretly marrying countless couples and bringing together true love. Legend has it that the emperor of the time, Claudius II, believed that marriage weakened his army and...  Read more

Supplements for a Healthy Heart

So you just found out that you have high cholesterol, or perhaps you have a strong family history of heart disease and want to do your best to prevent it. So you head to the pharmacy or health food store for help, only to be bombarded by countless su...  Read more

Eating for a Healthy Heart

Looking for ways to kick start your heart-healthy lifestyle? Start by looking at your diet. Poor food choices can have a negative effect on your heart, weight and overall health; but making small, sustainable changes to improve your diet can have a l...  Read more

Exercising with Type 2 Diabetes

If your doctor has diagnosed you with Type 2 diabetes, then she has probably already told you about the importance of adding exercise to your treatment plan. Physical activity can help you improve your blood sugar control, lose weight, and reduce you...  Read more

Exercising with High Cholesterol

Being overweight is a leading risk factor for high cholesterol. The good news is that regular physical activity will help with both weight loss and lowering cholesterol. Exercise can actually increase your HDL (good) levels while lowering your LDL (b...  Read more

Soooo I am very low on my calorie intake today...
Updated 1/31/2016 9:29:40 PM

Soooo I am very low on my calorie intake today... What do you do when this happens. Should I eat more right now? Don't worry about it?...  Read more

So I have low thyroid disorder. I don't want to t
Updated 1/31/2016 9:30:08 PM

So I have low thyroid disorder. I don't want to take medication for it . I have been gluten free atleast 90% of the time. I have a big weakness I love to bake. Anyhow I am trying to find an all natural way to heal my thyroid problem...  Read more

The "diabetic plan" is high carb.I'd like low carb
Updated 2/2/2016 7:30:18 PM

The "diabetic plan" is high carb.I'd like low carb, How can I set it that way? I have been reading that a low carb plan is good for pre-diabetics and diabetics. chris...  Read more

How to eat before exercise: low fat moderate carbs
Updated 1/31/2016 5:48:32 PM

How to eat before exercise: low fat moderate carbs and protein, low fiber, fluid, familiar, well tolerated food....  Read more

Started my low cab high protein deit and i have lo
Updated 1/31/2016 2:32:29 PM

Started my low cab high protein deit and i have lost 3 pounds my starting weight back in Nov was 272 last week was 248.4 first week of low cab high protein weight 245.4 my goal weight is 200 by the end of June or to be less super stoked...  Read more

Eating Cloves Can Lower Cholesterol & Triglycerides

About 1/2 tsp of cloves ( ground or whole) daily lowers LDL cholesterol and triglycerides...Garlic and nutmeg fight bacteria...  Read more

Garlic, beautiful garlic

Garlic lowers LDL cholesterol (bad) and help raise HDL cholesterol (good). It dissolves existing blood clots, blood is less likely to form clots, thereby lowering your chances of stroke. Eat lots of parsley to prevent the pong!...  Read more

Living Low Carb (Atkins and other Plans)

We will discuss low carb lifestyles (including Atkins,Protein Power, South Beach and other doctor-recommended low carb plans), trade low carb recipes and team up to do this together!...  Read more

Poll: Do You View Exercise as a Punishment or a Health Benefit?

I must admit until I found my passion for running I looked at all types of exercise as a form of torture. I felt as though I was being punished due to my lack of discipline when it came to my eating. Exercise was like taking medicine—you know you mus...  Read more

Tracking Your Numbers

I can’t tell you how many times after I started my own healthy living journey I would step on the scale and the minute the number was not what I expected my motivation began to falter. For me, the scale became the be-all-end-all to my success. Howev...  Read more

foods that lower ldl and decrease inslin resistence
ood-sugar-control-pictures.aspx#/slide-1 I didn't know vinegar can reduce insulin reistence. "... vinegar's effects on the body are similar to the effects o...  Read more

Soluble Fiber to Lower LDL - the Summary

My first post in this series is now showing on page 2 of my blogs, so I am including a link to my Summary, which includes the high flyers of Soluble Fiber:
individual.asp?blog_id=5732004...  Read more