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Lower Back Stress Resources

Below are top resources on SparkPeople for Lower Back Stress.

How to Use the Stationary Bike

If you’ve never tried a stationary bike, you’re missing out on a fantastic cardio exercise that strengthens your legs and lungs at the same time. A stationary bike is a low-impact option that's easy on your joints. Types of Bikes...  Read more

Can Stress Cause Weight Gain?

Some advertisements claim that hormonal changes from high stress lead to weight gain. These ads offer products that will supposedly normalize your hormones, thus decreasing your waist size. Should you use these products? Research does supp...  Read more

4 Easy Ways to Assess Your Well-Being

You're committed to a healthy lifestyle. You hit the gym every day when they open their doors, ditch soda for water, and brought healthy fruits and vegetables back to the center of your plate. Then you step on the scale, only to find that you hav...  Read more

How to Tame Wedding Planning Stress

It's a gross understatement to say that planning a wedding is stressful. With all of the coordination, timing and numerous things to prepare for (not to mention family politics!), it's no wonder that nice, normal people turn into grumpy groom...  Read more

Beat Stress, Weigh Less

These days, it seems that everyone is stressed. We all have too much to do and too little time to do it. Times are tough, money is tight, and deadlines are imminent.  What happens when you're stressed? You tend to eat more, sleep less,...  Read more

I have heard of people doing low carb. Do you thin
Updated 9/2/2015 8:56:51 PM

I have heard of people doing low carb. Do you think they just do low end of carb range or actually follow something else? Is anyone doing a low carb diet?...  Read more

Hello, I'm Back
Updated 9/3/2015 1:47:44 AM

I joined and followed SparkPeople about 5 years ago and it worked great for me! Gradually, I slipped back into old habits and now I am starting out all over again. I have returned for the support of fellow Sparkers!...  Read more

Is your value supposed to be lower than your goal?
Updated 9/2/2015 4:28:18 PM

Is your value supposed to be lower than your goal?...  Read more

Lowering calories, salt, and sugar by modifying pa
Updated 9/2/2015 8:24:31 PM

Lowering calories, salt, and sugar by modifying packaged foods...  Read more

I need to get back on track again
Updated 9/3/2015 5:03:30 PM

Hello., My birthday is coming up an it got me to thinking I need to lose weight and eat more healthy. So I need to lose 50 lbs. My biggest problem is my eating habits and my husband. Like most husbands he loves eating out and doesn't watch what he ea...  Read more

Computer abs tightening exercise is working for me.

I used coach Nicole's video and she stressed pull in the abs when walking. Many rainy days I did not walk outdoors. I did videos they are not so easy to pull in abs.I was doing an exercise at the computer and realised my abs are much tighter. Now i s...  Read more

200MG of Magnesium Can lower blood pressure

200MG of Magnesium Can lower blood pressure says Carolyn Dean, MD. Under times of stress more magnesium is excreted from our urine. Talk to your doc about a magnesium supplement if you are under stress or need to lower your BP...  Read more


Rain or Shine, Indoor or Outdoor Walk, WALK & WALK SOME MORE. Lose Weight, Inches, and Stress with support every Step & Mile along the way! "Every day is a great day to take a walk" ~Leslie Sansone...  Read more

How Do You Cope with the Stress in Your Life?

One of the toughest challenges of this journey we call life is dealing with those issues that are not within our control. This year has certainly been one of those years. Not only has the economic situation hit close to home, but recently hearing new...  Read more

Pain-Proof Your Day

Most of the time you and your body have a good working relationship. You tell it what to do, and it obeys. But every once in a while, your body talks back: a creaky knee here, a stiff shoulder there. It's saying that something you're doing&md...  Read more