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Losing Fat But Not Weight Resources

Below are top resources on SparkPeople for Losing Fat But Not Weight.

3 Reasons Why You're Not Losing Weight

You've been sticking faithfully to your calorie range and exercise plans for awhile now, but you're not seeing the results you want on your scale. Meanwhile, your weight -loss buddy is happily watching the pounds melt away week after week. No...  Read more

11 Healthy Party Appetizers

Did you know that overindulging on the weekends can lead to a weight gain of nine pounds a year? To stay on track and still have fun with friends and family, serve some of these healthier party foods. (Click on each appetizer for a wide selection of...  Read more

The 10% Solution

Are you a weight loss failure? Before you answer that question, let’s talk about what failure means. A recent study found that, in the nonsensical weight loss world, most failure has more to do with failing to meet faulty expectations...  Read more

The Best Fat-Burning Advice

Wouldn’t it be great if all the fat-burning secrets you see in magazine ads and TV infomercials actually worked? If sauna suits, cellulite-shrinking creams, herbal wraps, and pills designed to “boost metabolism and melt fat away” di...  Read more

Gender and Weight Loss: How Your Sex Affects Your Success

No, this is not an article on that ever-popular question about whether sex counts as aerobic exercise. (It doesn't. Get over it.) This article is about gender differences in exercise and weight loss. This is your chance to get the facts you...  Read more

So.. After falling off and checking my weight , I
Updated 7/21/2016 9:13:11 AM

So.. After falling off and checking my weight , I noticed I was gaining again. Today, I cheated and stepped on the scale early and lost 2 pounds. But a friend reminded me that I shouldn't be living by the  Read more

new recipes lay-out not user friendly or helpful
Updated 7/25/2016 6:22:03 PM

The old sorting was very user friendly and i never had any problem with it. Now i cannot find a logical way to sort out recipes and find what i am looking for. For instance, when looking for bean salad recipes, they come out in very random fashi...  Read more

Hey im new to SPARK!!! SO FAR SO GOOD IVE LOST 8 L
Updated 7/21/2016 11:28:04 AM

Hey im new to SPARK!!! SO FAR SO GOOD IVE LOST 8 LBS!!!Any suggestions I do not want to get burnt out on shakes for bfast! Whats a good low calorie Breakfast?...  Read more

Anyone else losing without exercising beyond walki
Updated 7/21/2016 8:13:57 AM

Anyone else losing without exercising beyond walking and getting steps in ? Back issues so this is all I do now. Will add more later. Yoga....  Read more

Yesterday was great.. 1hr weights, 10 mile bike ri
Updated 7/21/2016 8:06:15 AM

Yesterday was great.. 1hr weights, 10 mile bike ride ,2 mile jog. Just wasn't feeling quite up to it this morning... I thought maybe I'd at least get a couple of miles in. couple of miles out, I said, "a little more", kept on until 2 became 9....  Read more

Ditch the Scale!

The scale can make you think you are not losing weight. You may even gain weight as you develop muscle mass. Don't give up! As you develop muscle, the fat will start decreasing. A pound of muscle equals the same as a pound of fat, but muscle is small...  Read more

Eat 3 a Day

You need to eat to lose weight. I have found out through the years that you cannot lose weight if you starve. Your body hangs on to the fat and you do not lose any after you have lost a little fluid. Eat at least 3 meals every day and a snack, but ke...  Read more

TOPS Friends

Friends from a TOPS weight loss support group. Welcome all TOPS and KOPS!...  Read more

How to Prevent Muscle Loss When Losing Weight

When starting a weight-loss plan, most of us hope to lose body fat, specifically—not muscle mass. But when we lose weight, a large percentage of the total weight lost can be muscle. Is there any way to reduce that muscle loss?  How to Lose...  Read more

Fat Burners and a Fat Binders: What's the Difference?

Unlike Fat Burners, Fat Binders will not mess with your metabolism. Fat burners have been around for decades and celebrities have filled gyms and TV commercials saying which fat burner they used to sculpt their hard bodies. But fat burners aren&rsq...  Read more