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Lose Arm Fat Quick Resources

Below are top resources on SparkPeople for Lose Arm Fat Quick.

How to Walk with Proper Form and Technique

Walking comes naturally to humans. It’s one of the earliest skills we develop, long before we learn how to talk (or invent excuses to avoid walking). And given good, basic health, it’s something you can do throughout your life without wor...  Read more

Reference Guide to Body Composition

Body weight alone is not a clear indicator of health or fitness because it does not distinguish how many pounds are fat and how many are muscle. But body composition helps describe the amount (and distribution) of fat and lean muscle tissue in the bo...  Read more

Are You Cheating Yourself at the Gym? Part 1

With the hectic pace of our society today, most people don't have hours to spend in the gym. That's why it's so important to make the most of the workout time you have available. Are you cheating yourself out of the best cardio workout po...  Read more

14 Ways to Add Variety to Your Walks

While a walking program can be exciting and challenging at first, you don’t want to fall into a rut by doing the same thing month after month. Here are some ways to add variety to your workouts, whether outdoors or inside on the treadmill. ...  Read more

Where is Danger Lurking in Your Kitchen?

Anytime is a good time to give your kitchen a healthy inspection. Nasty foods and hidden pitfalls are just waiting to tempt you into reverting to bad habits. They may even be disguising themselves in a "healthy" cloak. To have healthy habit...  Read more

Lost 50lbs but I'm slowly gaining it back... I nee
Updated 5/28/2015 8:48:24 PM

Lost 50lbs but I'm slowly gaining it back... I need to get back on track and need all the support I can get. I'm starting to get depressed and don't know what to do....  Read more

My new goal is to lose 42 pounds but I'll be doin
Updated 5/28/2015 6:37:55 PM

My new goal is to lose 42 pounds but I'll be doing it month by month. I'll try losing 7-12 pounds a month...  Read more

Other than eating healthy, what can help to lose w
Updated 5/28/2015 10:58:20 PM

Other than eating healthy, what can help to lose weight quick??...  Read more

What can I do to lose my bellyroll?
Updated 5/29/2015 7:53:41 PM

It's driving me bonkers! I watch what I eat, do cardio and Pilates, HIIT too sometimes, but my bellyroll is still there. I have been trying for years but it just won't go! I am 42, 4 feet 11 and currently weigh 58.5kgs. I am on dialysis so...  Read more

I've been at this for 3 weeks. I lost 8lbs the fir
Updated 5/29/2015 10:13:58 AM

I've been at this for 3 weeks. I lost 8lbs the first week and nothing since. I work out everyday and tell myself that I am building muscle which weighs more than fat. I stay within my calories mostly but in still upset at the lbs on the scale....  Read more

rub down

After I work out I rub my legs or arms with Castro oil and then take a quick warm bath with peroxide to avoid pain the next day.250...  Read more


A quick "realignment" to improve your posture:1. Stand up straight (or while walking). 2. lift your arms straight out to the sides from your body (so your body and arms make a T-shape). 3. turn your palms upwards, which naturally turns your whole arm...  Read more

Lose to Cruise!

For anyone who wants to lose and wants to cruise!...  Read more

5 Dance Moves Anyone Can Do

Dancing is one the most enjoyable exercises you can do to be healthy and ecstatically happy while getting fit and losing weight! Dance is fun and exciting, and you’re always learning something new and interesting. All you need is your two feet...  Read more

Get Rid of Job-Related Jiggle

Firm your arms, abs, and butt at the office! This sneaky workout is so quick (just 10 minutes!) your boss will never know you're exercising at your desk. Blade Kiss and CirclesWhat you'll need: A desk, a chair, and a penTargets...  Read more