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Lose Arm Fat Exercises Resources

Below are top resources on SparkPeople for Lose Arm Fat Exercises.

Learn to Love Strength Training

I’ll admit it—I’m vain. So when I put on my summer tank tops a few months ago and noticed the dreaded "batwings" growing on the back of my arms, I panicked. I was too young to have my arms jiggling when I moved! I had to d...  Read more

Measure Progress Without the Scale

Frustrated. Disappointed. Hopeless. Skeptical. Whichever you choose, these emotions are enemies of people trying to lose weight—especially when you feel like you have done everything right. For many trying to shed pounds, the elation from...  Read more

Body Composition Measures Results

Some people can measure their weight loss by the way they feel and look: firmer thighs, a smaller waist, jiggle-free arms. But then there are the number-crazy ones who desperately need some kind (any kind!) of concrete proof that all their hard work...  Read more

How to Use the Arm Ergometer

Upper body (arm) ergometers aren't a gym staple, but they're becoming more readily available in physical therapy offices, hospitals, universities and modern gyms. Targeted to meet the fitness needs of individuals who cannot use their legs for...  Read more

How to Walk with Proper Form and Technique

Walking comes naturally to humans. It’s one of the earliest skills we develop, long before we learn how to talk (or invent excuses to avoid walking). And given good, basic health, it’s something you can do throughout your life without wor...  Read more

My goal is to lose 14 lbs at that point I have lost 38lbs what's your goal?!πŸ’ͺπŸ»πŸ‘πŸΌ
Updated 6/30/2016 12:37:05 AM

My goal is to lose 14 lbs at that point I have lost 38lbs what's your goal?!πŸ’ͺπŸ»πŸ‘πŸΌ...  Read more

Ive gained it all back :( I lost 20lbs, but with e
Updated 6/30/2016 12:08:17 AM

Ive gained it all back :( I lost 20lbs, but with end of school year, summer, and my first job its all back. I decided sunday to change that, and it sure is a process. Trying to lose some before college, any one else trying to do that too? #college...  Read more

Workout done for today #exercise
Updated 6/29/2016 11:33:53 PM

Workout done for today #exercise...  Read more

Anyone else losing inches but not pounds?
Updated 6/30/2016 1:08:49 AM

Anyone else losing inches but not pounds?...  Read more

Lost 3 pounds up until last weekend. Went fishing
Updated 6/29/2016 11:42:43 PM

Lost 3 pounds up until last weekend. Went fishing with the hubby and ate a few more carbs than usual. Next day I gained the whole 3 pounds back! When I say I ate more carbs I mean like 100 carbs instead of the 20 I had been doing. #lowcarb...  Read more

Exercising Aerobically

Most people work sooo hard on cardio to blast of fat in their body, but end up still having those layers of fat hanging everywhere; tummy, but, arms, legs. What's wrong? I found the key to exercise to be slim lies in the difference between aerobic an...  Read more


I've been using the Isagenix cellular cleansing and fat burning system along with logging and exercise and it has helped me lose 70 pounds in a year9...  Read more

Lose to Cruise!

For anyone who wants to lose and wants to cruise!...  Read more

Study Reveals Top 3 Triceps-Toning Exercises

No one wants saggy or flabby arms that flap like wings when you wave to a friend or raise your glass for a celebratory toast. That back-of-the-upper-arm area is a common trouble zone for women, a place where extra fat and excess skin seems to gather,...  Read more

Aim to 'Lose Your Love Handles'

Love handles, the spare tire, the middle age spread: Call it what you will, but nobody likes having excess flab around the waistline (not even when we name it cute things like "muffin" top). And while you can target the oblique muscles loca...  Read more