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Lemon And Cayenne Pepper Resources

Below are top resources on SparkPeople for Lemon And Cayenne Pepper.

No More Bland Diet Food!

All of us are striving to cook in a way that's healthy and simple. Unfortunately, healthy and simple can sometimes add up to bland: A plain piece of broiled fish or baked chicken isn’t particularly exciting, right? The remedy for the h...  Read more

Enhance the Flavor of Your Food

The flavor of many foods can be enhanced without using calorie-laden sauces and gravies. Here are some great ways to use herbs to “spice up” your meals and bring out the natural flavors of your food. Don’t be afraid to experimen...  Read more

11 Healthy Party Appetizers

Did you know that overindulging on the weekends can lead to a weight gain of nine pounds a year? To stay on track and still have fun with friends and family, serve some of these healthier party foods. (Click on each appetizer for a wide selection of...  Read more

Hot Breakfasts Ready in a Hot Second

Providing your family (or even just yourself) with a hot, nutritious breakfast every morning might sound ideal, but if you're like most people, the chances of that happening on busy weekdays are slim to none. Not anymore! Start your day off right...  Read more

18 Low-Calorie Snacks That Satisfy

Even though a snack, particularly a packaged one, only has 100 calories doesn't mean it's a healthy choice that will keep you satisfied until your next meal. Instead of reaching for a tiny bag of processed treats, go for real food with real f...  Read more

Lemon water and banana for my snack... one say at
Updated 10/6/2015 5:41:26 AM

Lemon water and banana for my snack... one say at a time....  Read more

Had a jack and diet Dr Pepper ;(
Updated 9/30/2015 9:07:38 PM

Had a jack and diet Dr Pepper ;(...  Read more

Oh little homemade lemon butter cookies we it lemo
Updated 9/28/2015 10:14:26 PM

Oh little homemade lemon butter cookies we it lemon glaze, why were you so yummy??? I wonder how I count the calories you contain? ???...  Read more

i drank a diet dr pepper today first time in a few
Updated 9/25/2015 6:19:52 PM

i drank a diet dr pepper today first time in a few months. my stomach is burning so bad right now! NO MORE POP!...  Read more

Why is my hot lemon water so bitter?
Updated 9/25/2015 12:14:17 PM

I squeezed the juice out of 2 slices of lemon, then threw the slices in my flask and topped it with hot water. I didn't even bruise the skins but my water is bitter. Why?...  Read more

keeping squirrels out of birdseed

birdseed...  Read more

Get rid of stubborn phlegm

When my husband (who has allergies) or I (who is susceptible to bronchitis) get a cold and it ends up in the lungs, we have cups of hot water with honey, lemon, and cayenne pepper! The honey soothes the throat, the lemon gives a boost of vitamin C,...  Read more

Laid Off but Staying Strong

When life hands you lemons, it's time to make some lemonade. Together we can turn this crisis into a real opportunity. Join us!...  Read more

Do Detox Diets Work? Are They Safe?

Spring is right around the corner, and as I glance around my home, I see that a thorough cleaning is in order.  Dust bunnies are multiplying under my bed, spider webs are glistening on my chandelier, and a layer of dust has settled on all places...  Read more

CONTEST CLOSED: 3 Recipes with Greek Yogurt, Plus a Giveaway

I love Greek yogurt! I've been eating it for years, after discovering it at Trader Joe's shortly after I started to pay attention to healthy eating. I love that it's now available in regular supermarkets, in several brands, sizes, and flavors. (I pre...  Read more