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Leeks Substitute Resources

Below are top resources on SparkPeople for Leeks Substitute.

A Fat-Free Super Food That's Big on Taste

The idea that placing dishes of raw onions around the home would stave off illness dates back to the massive flu outbreak of 1919. The thinking went that halved onions could absorb germs. Even though that particular onion "fact" is merely a...  Read more

What to Eat This Winter

For most of us, eating seasonally is a foreign concept. Many people don't even know that foods have a season, let alone what foods are in season at any given time of year. In the U.S., we enjoy practically unlimited access to any food at any time...  Read more

9 Foods that are Good for Your Gut

Your digestive tract is full of living organisms that help keep you healthy--around 400 different types of beneficial bacteria and yeast strains that co-habitate in your gastrointestinal system. There are several different kinds of foods and suppleme...  Read more

Garlic: The Big Flavor with Benefits

Garlic is a great way to add bold taste to your cooking without extra calories or sodium. But did you know that garlic offers more than big flavor? It's such a common ingredient in so many dishes that it's easy to overlook its health benefits...  Read more

A Getting-Started Guide to CSAs

If you're eager to join the movement toward eating healthy, locally and sustainably, but don't have the backyard square footage to establish your own vegetable garden, then joining a CSA could be the perfect way for you to enjoy fresh, season...  Read more

I have been okayed to substitute one meal or snack
Updated 9/20/2016 7:38:25 PM

I have been okayed to substitute one meal or snack with a protein shake. But I am confused about what to buy . Someone said only 100% whey. There are others out there some with soy or soy isolate. Want as pure as possible. Don't want other problems....  Read more

Any "good" "healthy" substitute for tortilla chips
Updated 9/14/2016 11:01:18 AM

Any "good" "healthy" substitute for tortilla chips/scoops? Found a low fat veggie filled dip...but don't want to ruin that nutrition by dipping with a tortilla chip....  Read more

Nut butter substitute
Updated 8/20/2016 12:18:04 PM

We can't do nut butters in our house, and usually use sun butter as a substitute (made from sunflower seeds in a nut-free factory) because it is closest in texture and is easily used as a direct substitute in recipes. I'm wondering if it is nutrition...  Read more

I have substituted my normal Mnms for mixed nuts.
Updated 8/18/2016 1:18:01 PM

I have substituted my normal Mnms for mixed nuts. I keep them for the office when I need to snack between meals. Have gone sugar free now for almost a year. Not even sweeteners....  Read more

#food... Does anyone know of a substitute for cott
Updated 8/9/2016 2:46:46 PM

#food... Does anyone know of a substitute for cottage cheese...  Read more


Thinnly sliced cucmbers make a great snack. It takes a while to prepare has low calories and has a great texture. Plus in the heat of the day can cool you down....  Read more

Use Fat Free Greek Yogurt Instead of Sour Cream

On tacos, garnishing chilis and soups (borscht) - you can't tell the difference on these! Try it and see what you think, we love it!...  Read more

Substitutes & Future Teachers Lounge

Educators and future educators working as substitutes or student teachers or seeking employment in education while sharing their lifestyle change journey with each other....  Read more

10 Healthy Squash Recipes for Fall

Looking for some new squash recipes this fall? We've rounded up some healthy and delicious squash recipes that are perfect for the fall season. Butternut Squash Mac and Cheese Butternut Squash Casserole Maple Apple Acorn Squash Bake Broc...  Read more

Celery Could Help Retain Your Memory

Celery is often wrongly touted as an example of a negative calorie food. People like to believe low calorie foods like celery take more calories to digest them than they contain so they have no influence on weight. Unfortunately, there is no such thi...  Read more