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La Marathon Results Resources

Below are top resources on SparkPeople for La Marathon Results.

10 Signs You're Watching Too Much Television

Many people claim that they don't have time to work out or cook healthy meals, yet they do find the time to park themselves in front of the TV. In fact, the average American watches 31.5 hours of TV per week, according to a 2010 Nielsen report. T...  Read more

50 States, 50 Beautiful Races

Planning a racing road trip, or just daydreaming? If you're going to commit to training—and potentially traveling—for a race, it should be worth your time, money and sweat. We hand-picked some of the most scenic courses in the country...  Read more

Casual Dress = Weight Loss Success

A recent study from the University of Wisconsin at La Crosse looked at the relationship between clothing and physical activity while at work. Researchers studied 53 people in a variety of professions and tracked both their daily activity (measured by...  Read more

''How I Became a Runner at Age 48''

Robin (KASHMIR) has been a member of SparkPeople since 2006. She has lost 95 pounds and is training for her first marathon. Robin Before Robin After What m...  Read more

Post-Marathon Recovery Tips

Running a marathon can be one of the greatest and most challenging experiences of your life.   I can’t say that I always love training for these races, but the feeling of accomplishment I experience when I cross the finish line is lik...  Read more

Putting off weigh in, I'm too eager for the result
Updated 9/25/2016 1:32:45 PM

Putting off weigh in, I'm too eager for the results. Don't want to get disappointed and lose sight of my goal. I feel good, clothes fit better--trying not to let the number on the scale be the only thing that encourages me....  Read more

I did 35 min of bootcamp ads and push mowed the la
Updated 9/24/2016 8:45:00 PM

I did 35 min of bootcamp ads and push mowed the lawn. Picked everything in the garden , took me 1 an a half hour and started to empty my apple tree. Still have 90 more trees to pick. That was my day and now i am taking a hot bath and relaxing....  Read more is day 2. I've always struggled with la
Updated 9/20/2016 5:33:03 PM is day 2. I've always struggled with lack of family support (they are athletic and super active...hard for them to understand) so I'm hoping I can find that here. Thanks all...  Read more

At first I seen results but I've gained 5 pounds b
Updated 9/20/2016 1:27:47 PM

At first I seen results but I've gained 5 pounds back. Guess I need to start exercising more. Has anyone heard of the "potato diet"? any pointers?...  Read more

New to this app. Hoping for great results.
Updated 9/19/2016 9:04:39 PM

New to this app. Hoping for great results....  Read more

Have a goal!

Set a goal. I use marathons (half marathons, 5 or 10 k's) to motivate me to exercise. The goal is not to "win," but to DO IT. I just finished the LA Marathon on March 21st. 7 hours, 1 minute and 23 seconds! 7 hours of steady 16-minute miles. An...  Read more

Treadmill selection! NordicTrack A2750 PRO


Half Marathon

Curious about HMs or love them already? Trying to lose weight or improve nutrition while training? Comfortable with the 10K or 10M distance? Join the team, swap concerns, and share race reports!...  Read more

Poll: Should Slow Runners Be Allowed to Run Marathons, Too?

A few months ago a college cross-country track coach from New Rochelle College in New York sent shock waves through the running community when she was quoted in a New York Times article stating anyone finishing a marathon in 6 hours or more was takin...  Read more

Running Down a Dream: I Did Just That in Chicago

There are many days in our lives that will define who we are and what we are made of. Let today be your day! One of the most defining days in my life came on Sunday, October 11th, the day I ran my first marathon--the 2009 Bank of America Chicago...  Read more