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Kefir Probiotic Resources

Below are top resources on SparkPeople for Kefir Probiotic.

Probiotics: A Billion Good Bugs

Did you know that your digestive tract contains more than 400 types of “friendly” bacteria? These little guys, commonly referred to as probiotics (which means "pro-life"), help reduce the growth of harmful bacteria and promote a...  Read more

For Better Health, Go with Your Gut

As a society, we spend a lot of time stressing out over our stomachs. We inspect them in the mirror, crunch them into oblivion, wrap them in constrictive undergarments and gauge their size with measuring tape—all with the goal of whittling away...  Read more

9 Foods that are Good for Your Gut

Your digestive tract is full of living organisms that help keep you healthy--around 400 different types of beneficial bacteria and yeast strains that co-habitate in your gastrointestinal system. There are several different kinds of foods and suppleme...  Read more

More Than 100 Superfoods for a Super You

Faster than a speeding bullet… More powerful than a locomotive… Nutrient-packed with health enhancing properties… Here come the SUPERFOODS! These foods benefit your body in so many ways. They power your brain, and c...  Read more

How to Make the Perfect Green Smoothie

Getting your recommended daily allowance of fruits (1/2 to 2 cups) and vegetables (2-1/2 to 3 cups) is no small feat—especially when you don't have a lot of extra time to prep and cook all that produce. That's one reason why smoothies h...  Read more

#help I correctly added Lifeway Kefir lowfat raspb
Updated 5/20/2016 4:43:02 PM

#help I correctly added Lifeway Kefir lowfat raspberry smoothie but it doesn't let me add the vitamins, can they be added?...  Read more

Started making water kefir. Some family gave me so
Updated 5/5/2016 12:18:45 PM

Started making water kefir. Some family gave me some water kefir crystals and I'm making my first batch of second fermentation. Anyone else doing this that can give me suggestions and help?...  Read more

Does anyone use use a probiotic? If so which is go
Updated 4/28/2016 6:05:47 PM

Does anyone use use a probiotic? If so which is good one to use?...  Read more

Taking a daily probiotic can help. You need to be

Taking a daily probiotic can help. You need to be careful to pick a reputable one because many don't have very many live bacteria. Culturelle is a reputable brand that does independent testing of their product...  Read more

I started taking a probiotic. It's helping me be "
Updated 4/12/2016 8:24:54 PM

I started taking a probiotic. It's helping me be "regular" b/c Normally I'm only going 2x a week. I think this is good..i have learned that if you don't go enough your body keeps reabsorbing toxins. Not good. Maybe this will aid in my feeling good....  Read more

Have you tried Kefir?

Kefir is a great source of minerals like calcium & magnesium, & phosphorus, which helps the body utilize carbs, fats and proteins for cell growth, maintenance & energy. You can try Kefir over fruit or cereal, in your morning smoothie, or straight fro...  Read more

Probiotics CAN CUT TRIGLYCERIDE LEVELS & block Cholesterol

Diabetes is an autoimmune disease, meaning the body's defenses become turncoat and attack the bodily organs instead of invading viruses & bacteria. Many people speculate that foods, such as probiotics, can aid diabetes. Probiotics are so called "good...  Read more

Have You Tried: Kefir?

A "cultured milk product" may sound foreign, but if you've ever eaten yogurt, you're closer to kefir than you thought. Find out what makes it just a little more special.What Is Kefir?Kefir has the mild tang of  yogurt, only wit...  Read more

CONTEST CLOSED: Giveaway: Gut-Friendly Probiotic Drinks from GoodBelly

Contest closed! The winner is:ANYVAR54Congratulations!If you suffer from tummy troubles, you may have heard that eating yogurt will help get your digestive system back in shape. However, yogurt isn't the answer for everyone. If you ...  Read more