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Kale Taste Resources

Below are top resources on SparkPeople for Kale Taste.

Getting Your Greens

When Martha Stewart was doing hard time, there were reports that she voluntarily pulled up weeds outside in the prison yard each day. Was she just trying to get out early for good behavior? Not quite. Martha was actually taking an unconventional appr...  Read more

How to Make the Perfect Green Smoothie

Getting your recommended daily allowance of fruits (1/2 to 2 cups) and vegetables (2-1/2 to 3 cups) is no small feat—especially when you don't have a lot of extra time to prep and cook all that produce. That's one reason why smoothies h...  Read more

Hot Breakfasts Ready in a Hot Second

Providing your family (or even just yourself) with a hot, nutritious breakfast every morning might sound ideal, but if you're like most people, the chances of that happening on busy weekdays are slim to none. Not anymore! Start your day off right...  Read more

15 Ways to Boost Your Calcium Intake

You’re careful about calories and fussy about fat. You crunch the numbers and keep track of your daily diet. But how conscious are you regarding calcium, the mineral that keeps both men and women strong and healthy?  Calcium plays an...  Read more

Over 100 Super Foods for a Super You

Faster than a speeding bullet… More powerful than a locomotive… Nutrient-packed with health enhancing properties… Here come the SUPER FOODS! These foods benefit your body in so many ways. They power your brain, and...  Read more

Favorite kale recipes?
Updated 6/28/2015 9:17:54 PM

What are your favorite ways to prepare kale?...  Read more

199 so close I can taste it. I have 4 lbs to go tr
Updated 6/24/2015 4:49:20 PM

199 so close I can taste it. I have 4 lbs to go trying to get there before August 1st my b-day. And have my goal of 135 by my cruise. Just need my motivation to stay strong. We can all do it!...  Read more

Donuts...omg I can taste it now.....

Donuts...omg I can taste it now........  Read more

What's for dinner tonight? I'm having squash, kale
Updated 6/10/2015 1:44:48 AM

What's for dinner tonight? I'm having squash, kale, baby red potato and a small piece of ham steak. Can't wait I'm so hungry! Lol...  Read more

i'm having some coffee with it right now and taste

i'm having some coffee with it right now and tastes good and lighter. It does have a nutty taste but it's all good i like that taste....  Read more

baking is better

bake kale for chips with your sandwich...  Read more

Kale instead of lettuce

Substitute kale for lettuce in your salad....  Read more

Eat Real Food!

Do you emphasize whole, unprocessed food in your diet? Do you want real, satisfying food that tastes good rather than special diet food? Join us!...  Read more

Kale Recipes You'll Actually Eat

My current go-to green vegetable is kale, which has nutritional value and health benefits that are off-the-charts. Whether I’m throwing it in my smoothie or steaming it as a recipe addition, I do my best to eat it every day.The next time you ar...  Read more

The Healthiest Leafy Green--and How to Eat It

We all know it's a good idea to eat leafy green veggies. They're chock-full of nutritious vitamins and minerals, and they're low in calories to boot. But if you can only stomach so much green in your life, which leafy green should you cho...  Read more