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Jazzercise Songs Resources

Below are top resources on SparkPeople for Jazzercise Songs.

The Buzz on Jazzercise

Jazzercise, created by Judi Sheppard Missett, is the world's leading dance-fitness program. Since 1969, millions of people of all ages and fitness levels have reaped the benefits of this comprehensive program, designed to enhance cardiovascular e...  Read more

How to Create the Perfect Workout Playlist

You know that scene in High Fidelity where John Cusack is touting the importance of the perfectly crafted mix tape? A tape that has to kick off with a killer track to grab attention, then take it up a notch, then cool it off a notch?    ...  Read more

Music Makes Workouts More Pleasurable

Going to the gym and working out can get monotonous. The same machines, the same steps on the treadmill, it gets boring. Aside from changing gyms, what is something that can be done to make it a little more exciting each time you go? The answer i...  Read more

Cardio Tunes!

“My uptown girl!  You know I’m in love with an uptown girl!”  As these lyrics pump through your headphones, it’s easy to forget that while Billy Joel sings to you, you’re actually running on the treadmill.&...  Read more

All About Zumba Class!

You've probably heard of the fitness craze Zumba, a workout known as a dance fitness party. I originally tried Zumba with a friend by following a fitness DVD. While the DVD was fun and the hip-swiveling moves were a blast (and effective at w...  Read more

I just finished my Jazzercise class.. now i have m
Updated 9/18/2015 10:31:59 PM

I just finished my Jazzercise class.. now i have my friday break and start sat-thru again.. i love how i feel after class.. the problem since i started exercising is that im always hungry! i dont over eat but i got a snacking problem.. suggestions?...  Read more

going to tryout for jazzercise senior instructor.
Updated 9/17/2015 10:13:50 PM

going to tryout for jazzercise senior instructor. I know I can do an hour worth of good pounding dancing, but slowing down with elderly will be a challenge and helpful for them all....  Read more

My most favorite working out song today? Rodney At
Updated 9/10/2015 7:56:36 AM

My most favorite working out song today? Rodney Atkins "if you are going thru hell..." Just found it and love it!...  Read more

Annoying songs on the radio
Updated 9/14/2015 6:20:37 AM

Are lyrics so hard to write? Have they run out of ideas? A lot of the current hits rely on repetitions of certain words or phrases. It makes it look like a 6 year old wrote the lyrics! Heck! Even 80s or even 90s songs had more meaningful lyrics! I al...  Read more

Favorite workout music/song? Go!
Updated 8/30/2015 5:27:12 PM

Favorite workout music/song? Go!...  Read more

Workout DVDs!!

I know they are usually very cheesy, but whenever im on vacation I always pack a workout dvd. If it starts raining or im the first one up in the morning I just pop it in and in a half hour I got my workout out of the way for the day!!! Plus if you ma...  Read more


There is nothing like Jazzercise to help you feel and look your best! It is such an amazing workout, and the people who attend are so motivating because they all LOVE it!...  Read more


This team is created for those who love to move and groove at Jazzercise classes!...  Read more

Poll: Which Fitness Fashion Trend Shouldn't Make a Comeback?

A couple months ago, I shared some fun and entertaining 80s aerobics videos. Many of you could relate to these workouts and remember doing similar moves yourselves. Today I'm back with another fitness flashback that is sure to conjure up some more me...  Read more

Poll: Do You Have a Theme Song?

To me, one of the most defining moments in an inspirational movie comes when the protagonist overcomes adversity and we all leave the theater with that 'ain't life good' feeling. Many of us are quite familiar with theme songs of movies such as Star W...  Read more