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Is Pickle Juice Bad For You Resources

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Simple Ways to Preserve Fruits and Vegetables

Summer is the season for fresh produce—from your garden, the local farmers market, or nearby farms. It can be so tempting to buy in bulk—after all, you've waited all year for the perfect strawberry or tomato—and when you grow yo...  Read more

Common Foods that Can Trigger Migraines

Often described as an intense throbbing or pulsing in one specific area of the head, a migraine headache is a condition that can't--and shouldn't--be ignored. This severe headache can last for a few hours or up to several days. People who suf...  Read more

24 Helpful Hacks for Maximizing Every Bit of Food in Your Kitchen

Food waste is something of an epidemic these days. A 2013 study for the Food Waste Reduction Alliance showed that more than 84 percent of unused restaurant food in the United States ends up in landfills—and according to some reports, that...  Read more

High Blood Pressure? Have a DASH of Spark

For years, battling high blood pressure meant throwing out the salt shaker and throwing on the sweatpants. We now know that there’s more to the picture. Exercise and maintaining a healthy weight have always been powerful tools for managing...  Read more

How to Crush a Workout Cramp

You're killing your workout, feeling strong and confident. Maybe you're three miles into a brisk walk, a few meters into your swim routine or in the home stretch of a 5K run. Your heart and lungs are cooperating, your form is on point and you...  Read more

I am spending so much time here on Sparkpeople tha
Updated 9/23/2016 4:43:44 AM

I am spending so much time here on Sparkpeople that I am not going to my addiction, Ebay. Lord, this is saving me money! This is my new addiction! There are definitely more rewards here then there. Night, everyone! Jeannette...  Read more

Man. When I am hungry, I instantly think about can
Updated 9/22/2016 10:17:31 PM

Man. When I am hungry, I instantly think about candy....  Read more

Can eating too much chicken be bad for you? Ha! We
Updated 9/24/2016 12:42:21 PM

Can eating too much chicken be bad for you? Ha! We've had chicken every night this week! Nobody in my house has complained yet though....  Read more

I am new here and was wondering if there is an exe
Updated 9/23/2016 9:49:23 AM

I am new here and was wondering if there is an exercise plan that I would ve able to follow? Any help would be greatly appreciated!! #exercise...  Read more

#firstpost first day. Have bad.tendency's with eat
Updated 9/23/2016 5:28:22 AM

#firstpost first day. Have bad.tendency's with eating disorder stuff since I was young. Got clean from drugs two years ago.. Gained quite a bit at first. Have lost about 20 over the last year. Time to do this healthy for me and my son.#actiontime...  Read more

pickle juice

Weird as it may sound, I tried pickle juice on my salad instead of vinegar and it is I can choose from a variety of flavors. I am not even a pickle lover....  Read more


Eat more pickles....  Read more


Everyone is more than welcome. Let's make this a group where we all feel comfortable enough to vent what we feel, good or bad....  Read more

Will Pickle Juice Really Become the Next Sports Drink for Exercisers?

Early last week my colleague and editor Stepfanie Romine, sent me an idea for a blog about using pickle juice as a electrolyte replacement source for exercisers . She actually stumbled across the idea from one of the comments left on...  Read more

Chef's Secrets: Try These Unusual Combos to Add Flavor Not Fat

What's the secret to cooking like a healthy chef? Think beyond the usual flavor boosters of sugar, salt and fat. While they taste good on the tongue, they're not exactly good for us, are they?Today I'm sharing some unusual yet delicious f...  Read more