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Interval Training Calories Burned Resources

Below are top resources on SparkPeople for Interval Training Calories Burned.

Get Results with Interval Training

I used to be a competitive long distance runner. Day in and day out I’d run mile upon mile, training for the next big race. Some days it meant running a six or seven mile loop that included several (seemingly endless) hills. Other days, I warme...  Read more

Tabata Training 101

Would you like to swap your usual workout out for one that's just four minutes long? Of course you would! Well, that's the allure of Tabata training, a type of super high-intensity interval training that is becoming more and more popular. ...  Read more

Reference Guide to Anaerobic Exercise

SparkPeople’s Exercise Reference Guides offer an in-depth look at the principles of fitness. We often hear a lot about aerobic or “cardio” exercise and how it improves fitness, reduces one’s risk of lifestyle diseases, an...  Read more

High Intensity Interval Training

If I told you that there was a way to burn more calories, lose more fat, and improve your cardiovascular fitness level while spending less time doing cardio, you’d probably reach for your phone to report me to the consumer fraud hotline, right?...  Read more

Discover the Benefits of LISS for Weight Loss

When it comes to getting fit and healthy, there's no magic pill or secret shortcut for reaching your goals. Whether you'd like to drop a few pounds, build more muscle or achieve a more dramatic, life-changing weight loss, the recipe for succe...  Read more

I did better today, only went over my calories by
Updated 4/26/2016 7:47:35 PM

I did better today, only went over my calories by a little bit compared to before. I seem to do better when i wait to eat in the mornings. I waited until i was awake around 4 hours before i agree anything....  Read more

I only ate 899 calories and that's after dinner. I
Updated 4/26/2016 7:07:32 PM

I only ate 899 calories and that's after dinner. I wasn't very hungry today. I usualy eat 1200-1400 calories a day....  Read more

Today I only ate 1,434 calories!!!!!!!!!!!
Updated 4/26/2016 8:58:38 PM

Today I only ate 1,434 calories!!!!!!!!!!!...  Read more

How sore should one be after strength training? I
Updated 4/26/2016 6:01:07 PM

How sore should one be after strength training? I don't want to be in "pain" the day after, but I feel like I've wasted my time if I'm not at least stiff and a bit sore the next day. The idea is to break down the tissue to build up muscle right?...  Read more

Hello all. I've been within my calorie range and a
Updated 4/26/2016 5:19:47 PM

Hello all. I've been within my calorie range and am still maintaining. Have a great day....  Read more

5 Benefits of Interval Training

5 Benefits of Interval TrainingWhat's The Best Time to Exercise?You need to shake up your fitness program and lose weight, but you donít really have any more time to devote to it. The perfect answer could be high-intensity interval training or HIIT f...  Read more

Gymboss Interval Trainer

My Gymboss interval timer is my partner in crime. I use it for HIIT (High intensity intrval training) training on the vertical bike. Instead of spending an hour doing cardio, I do my cardio in 20 minutes! This saves time and allows me to focus on my...  Read more

TriSport:Triathletes, Swimmers, Cyclists & Runners

Anything triathlon! Everything Swimming, Biking, Running and Cross-training. Members from beginners to Iron Man competitors are welcome....  Read more

7 Good Reasons to Try Interval Training

What if I told you there was an exercise technique that could burn more calories—and fat—in less time that was also fun? You may think that I was hawking some fitness gadget in an infomercial, or simply lying to you, but neither of those...  Read more

The 4-Minute Miracle Workout (That Really Works)

Tight on time?Don't give up on your workout today. If you have a mere four minutes—that's just 240 total seconds—to spare (and who doesn't), then you do have time to squeeze in a super effective workout that provides major hea...  Read more