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Insanity T Shirt Resources

Below are top resources on SparkPeople for Insanity T Shirt.

6 Things to Look for When Buying Exercise Apparel

A cool wind whipped around me as I crested the final hill along my running route. "Ah, relief!" I thought, pulling my dripping T-shirt away from my skin. This will cool me off. But instead of making me feel refreshed, the wind chilled me to...  Read more

Dress for Success

Each of us has a favorite body part – or we should. Do you have an area you think is worth accentuating? If you do, good for you. As you get closer to your fitness/health/weight loss goals, you will likely want to show off more of your body, hi...  Read more

Over 110 Cardio Workout Ideas

You all probably know how great aerobic activity is for your heart, body and mind. After all, regular cardio exercise has been shown to reduce body fat, decrease total cholesterol, boost mood, lower resting heart rate, and improve heart and lung func...  Read more

A Solution-Focused Approach to Weight Loss

What do you do when you don’t achieve the weight loss results you’re looking for? Do you resolve to cut calories even more, try harder to resist temptations, or log extra treadmill time? These ideas could work—if you’ve b...  Read more

Building a Weight-Loss Wardrobe on a Budget

If you ever stared at your closet full of clothes and thought, “I have nothing to wear,” imagine how Amanda McQueen, a 28-year-old from Alabama, felt during her weight loss journey. “I’ve lost 115 pounds in total. I started at...  Read more

Excited three weeks of Insanity left! Switching to
Updated 9/26/2015 1:39:33 PM

Excited three weeks of Insanity left! Switching to T25 and Zumba for Nov and Dec :)...  Read more

Two and a half days of eating insanity (had a donu
Updated 9/25/2015 8:28:41 PM

Two and a half days of eating insanity (had a donut for lunch type of insanity). Not even hungry, just want to eat everything in sight. Starting over....NOW!...  Read more

Wore a shirt today that I havent been able to get
Updated 9/23/2015 6:43:55 AM

Wore a shirt today that I havent been able to get into for three years because it showed my big belly. And my pants are getting looser....  Read more

Did the Insanity Fit Test this morning. results: i
Updated 9/21/2015 2:41:47 PM

Did the Insanity Fit Test this morning. results: i am insane and not fit. oh well. doing one of the workouts tomorrow. i will say i have more energy today just by getting up and doing something....  Read more

Month two of Insanity starts tomorrow!
Updated 9/20/2015 11:44:25 PM

Month two of Insanity starts tomorrow!...  Read more

Have a timeframe or event

Knowing I had to fit into my wedding dress AND I wanted to look good in it - I did the INSANITY workout every day - I did look great in my dress...  Read more

shout color catchers

I've been using these to wash my son's white baseball shirt along with his purple shirt - they work great!...  Read more

Insanity & The Asylum Insaniacs!!!

This group is for those insane enough to try the INSANITY and The Asylum fitness programs - and a place to share reviews and for Motivation,encouragement, fitness tips and so much more.......  Read more

Score a Great Deal on My New Favorite Shirt--and More

I'm biased. I love everything in the SparkPeople Store. But there's one product that I'm absolutely head-over-heels in love with: the long-sleeved bamboo shirts. We say: "Work out in comfort in our SparkPeople Ladies Long Sleeved Bamboo Perf...  Read more

Get 40% Off Our Favorite Performance Shirts

If you're anything like us here at SparkPeople, you may find that you get ridiculously motivated by new workout clothes. We've said it before, and we'll say it again: switching up your workout wardrobe every once in awhile might give...  Read more

NSV: My Insanity t-shirt fits better now! (with photo)

The t-shirt I earned from completing Insanity about 4 years ago fits me better today than it did then. I had such a well deserved sense of accomplishment and satisfaction when I made it all the way through the program. It's HARD and I worked my...  Read more