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Inner Thigh Toning Resources

Below are top resources on SparkPeople for Inner Thigh Toning.

Daily Stretching Routine

Are you always on the run and running out of time to stretch? Try adding a few standing stretches throughout the day. Whether standing in line, waiting for the bus or watching a soccer game, you can squeeze in some quality flexibility training. You c...  Read more

5 Exercises You Should Never Do

Most people believe that all exercises are good, safe and effective. After all it's exercise—and that has to count for something, doesn't it? The truth is that some common exercises aren't safe at all (especially for people who...  Read more

A Beginner's Guide to Yoga

Yoga, which comes from the Sanskrit yuj word meaning "union," originated in India more than 5,000 years ago. There are many forms of yoga, but in general, yoga focuses on breathing techniques (pranayama), postures (asanas), flexibility, and...  Read more

13 Yoga Poses for Runners

When I first started running, I felt sore and tight, despite stretching thoroughly afterwards. I started thinking that running wasn't meshing well with my yoga practice. Yoga helped me loosen my muscles, but running only seemed to tighten them. A...  Read more

Basic Stretching Routine

Stretching is good for you, and it feels great, too! That's why we created this short and effective full-body stretching routine that you can follow whether you're a beginner or an advanced exerciser. Remember to warm up first and never stret...  Read more

Best way to tone and slim thighs?
Updated 7/11/2015 7:07:47 AM

Best way to tone and slim thighs?...  Read more

My thighs are really feeling all the bending and s
Updated 7/10/2015 10:33:18 PM

My thighs are really feeling all the bending and squatting I did yesterday collecting sea glass! Who knew it was such a work-out? Had a great time and came home with a bowl full of it!...  Read more

I want a thigh gap!! My thighd are so big!! I hate
Updated 7/10/2015 6:41:43 PM

I want a thigh gap!! My thighd are so big!! I hate it!! Pls help. Im starting school in 4 weeks,and i want tk be healthy!!...  Read more

That moment that you realize you're thighs no long
Updated 6/24/2015 12:03:29 PM

That moment that you realize you're thighs no longer rub with every step you take!! Officially hit day 100 in my current journey today as well!...  Read more

Year from hell! Inner-city elementary schools teac
Updated 6/17/2015 10:05:14 PM

Year from hell! Inner-city elementary schools teacher, newly diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, severe RLS...I could go on and on. Thinking of 1st starting HCG program. Exercise is a huge issue due to pain and extreme fatigue...Any thoughts???...  Read more

Inner glow

Drinking all my water gives me an Inner & Outer glow...  Read more

Shoes for Walking

I've been wearing SHAPE-UP shoes for my 5-7 mile walks now for 5 months! Wow what a difference they make. My back and feet don't hurt anymore and I have way more energy. The price is worth it. My buns, thighs and calves are very toned up. I highly re...  Read more

Gettin Married

For Brides and Grooms that are looking to tone up or lose weight!...  Read more

This Week's Healthy Headlines

Acupuncture 101 from Healthy Tipping Point Train for a Triathlon (Yes, You!) from Gazpacho from Oh She Glows April Showers Bring May Superfoods from That's Fit Eat Smaller Bites to Lose Weight from Diet Blog Wannabe Recipea: Tama...  Read more

4 Effective Exercises for a Beach-Ready Butt

Whether you are curvy, muscular, or slim, chances are you want to have a swimsuit-ready backside, especially in the area where the buttocks meet the upper thigh (called the gluteal fold).  Strengthening this area can help lift, tighten and tone...  Read more