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Index Glycemic Resources

Below are top resources on SparkPeople for Index Glycemic.

Pros and Cons of the Glycemic Index

Imagine a categorizing system in which numbers are assigned to foods, allowing you to more easily choose foods that curb appetite, help shed excess pounds, lower your risk for diabetes, help maintain blood sugar levels, and improve heart health. Thes...  Read more

Eating with Diabetes: What about Fruit?

Packed with vitamins, minerals, and fiber, fruit should be part of any healthy diet. As a diabetes educator, some of the most frequent questions from my clients have to do with fruit. Can I still eat fruit? How much fruit should I eat? What are the b...  Read more

What to Eat Before You Work Out

Everyone knows that athletes must plan and time their meals and snacks very carefully to reach their performance goals. But what about the rest of us? You try to squeeze in 30-60 minutes of exercise most days of the week. Do you have to be careful ab...  Read more

All About Artificial Sweeteners

Do you feel like you are surrounded by sweets? Cookies, ice-cream, candy, soda and other sugary treats are everywhere, along with the extra calories and simple carbohydrates they contain. For people with diabetes and those trying to cut calories and...  Read more

9 Superfood Swaps for Healthier Meals

Deciding to change your diet can be an overwhelming idea. You’ll have to clean out the pantry, remove any and all treats, stock up on rabbit food and mentally prepare to feel hungry all the time. That’s the only way to improve your diet a...  Read more

Look up glycemic index. It is all about how long

Look up glycemic index. It is all about how long it takes to burn. Simple carbs like sugars get used up quickly and are therefor not good. Complex carbs like whole grains take longer to burn and give you more energy. Hope this helps a bit....  Read more

Made index cards tonight with motivational quotes
Updated 1/11/2016 3:33:33 PM

Made index cards tonight with motivational quotes and Bible verses to help during this journey. Have been on an emotional Rollercoaster where I'm off- track with exercises n logging...  Read more

Does anyone else here follow the Glycemic Load Die
Updated 2/8/2016 8:19:08 AM

Does anyone else here follow the Glycemic Load Diet by Dr. Rob Thompson? My sister-in-law recommended the book and what I have read so far makes lots of sense. Wondering if anyone knows of any successes following it....  Read more

of food's glycemic index, but it was confusing, so

of food's glycemic index, but it was confusing, so then figured food with more fiber has less glycemic index, means we need to eat more veggies......  Read more

Low Glycemic Load
Updated 9/10/2015 12:22:17 PM

My doctor just put me on an eating plan called The Low Glycemic Load eating plan. He said it has major differences from the low glycemic index and works much better for diabetics like me. Has anyone else been on this plan. I am liking what I am re...  Read more

Pearled Barley

There is a pleasant surprise in pearled barley, it has the lowest glycemic index of any grain...  Read more

How to Get Rid Of Sugar In Your Diet

Eat smaller meals 5 or 6 times a day. Don't get hungry. Have protein with every meal or snack to keep your blood sugar stable & drink plenty of water to help wash out sugar &toxins. .Weight loss is usually a natural result of giving up sugar & usuall...  Read more

Diabetes Self-Management

Please share your experience of your journey to glycemic control....  Read more

Weight Busters: All Carbohydrates are NOT Created Equal

Carbohydrates are important and necessary in our diets and have generated a great deal of attention over the past decade due to the low carbohydrate weight loss craze. Marketing trends have played off of that low carb craze and so have dieting plans...  Read more

Eat This to Burn 50% More Fat When Working Out

A new study in The Journal of Nutrition shows that what you eat beforehand could affect the calorie burn during your workout. Women who ate a breakfast high in low-glycemic index carbs (whole grain breads, low-fat yogurt or non-instant oatmeal, for...  Read more