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How To Make A Medicine Ball Resources

Below are top resources on SparkPeople for How To Make A Medicine Ball.

Medicine Ball Training

Medicine balls are a great way to exercise any area of your body, whether upper, lower, or core. There are different sized exercise balls from 2-12, that you can use for numerous different exercises. Medicine ball training is suitable for...  Read more

Aromatherapy for the Whole Family

In the 1920's, French chemist Rene Maurice Gattefosse accidentally lit his arm on fire in his laboratory. The nearest cold liquid was a vat of lavender oil, into which he thrust his arm in an act of desperation. To his surprise, the pain subsided...  Read more

PHA: Transform Your Body with this Heart-Pumping Workout

The health and fitness world can sometimes feel like a puzzle of acronyms. From WOD and AMRAP to HIIT and LISS, you may feel like you need a dictionary to navigate your way through the gym or studio. We’re always on the lookout for new workout...  Read more

6 Exercises Everyone Over 40 Should Be Doing

After hitting the big 4-0, a lot starts to change in your body, and the theme is decline: At that age, the surgeon general's office has said that women's bone density is "in jeopardy." Men's testosterone levels drop by one...  Read more

The Benefits of Circuit Training

Circuit training is a workout routine that combines cardiovascular fitness and resistance training. It was first proposed in the late 1950s as a method to develop general fitness. The initial routines were arranged in a circle, alternating betwee...  Read more

I made my goal of 6000 steps for only the 2nd time
Updated 6/26/2016 2:16:56 AM

I made my goal of 6000 steps for only the 2nd time since starting to track. On the down side I also went way over on calories. I will keep trying! #exercise...  Read more

I have a question. How do you guys track home made
Updated 6/25/2016 7:52:34 PM

I have a question. How do you guys track home made meals? Do you just put in every ingrediant or what?...  Read more

If you haven't tried making zucchini or summer squ
Updated 6/25/2016 6:03:39 PM

If you haven't tried making zucchini or summer squash as noodles, try it. Delicious. Plus it's a good light side for a summer dinner...  Read more

I got chicken salad made for my boyfriend and got
Updated 6/25/2016 4:09:30 PM

I got chicken salad made for my boyfriend and got chicken breast, celery and potatoes in the pressure cooker. Seems like a weird combination but I just figured out I like celery....  Read more

I made five spice lettuce wraps for lunch. 275 cal
Updated 6/25/2016 2:51:39 PM

I made five spice lettuce wraps for lunch. 275 calories and they were amazing! Recipe from eating  Read more

Need Exercise Equipment? Set Aside a Little Money & Watch for Sales

I do not have room for a treadmill or stationary bike, so I set aside a little money every week until I had enough money get good running shoes, free weights, resistance bands, medicine ball, pedometer, & stability ball. I did not get them in one sho...  Read more

Keeping portions right when unable to weigh food

When going on holiday I have made cardboard shapes to represent a matchbox (for cheese portions), a deck of cards (protein portions), the diameter or a tennis ball to remind me that a cup is the size of a tennis ball, and the diameter of a golf ball...  Read more

Calling All Vegetarians & Vegans

If you're a vegetarian, vegan, or just interested in a cruelty-free lifestyle, join us here! Get tips for making the transition, dining out, cooking and more....  Read more

10 Medicine Ball Moves to Help You Get a Leaner Body

Medicine Balls provide a great alternative to the standard free weights and resistance bands many of us own and use for strength training at home. Not only do medicine balls provide us with a larger range of motion compared to other workout equipment...  Read more

10 Core Stabilizing Exercises

For many of us working our core is one area of the body that is often neglected as it takes time to see the results of all our hard work. But working these muscles is just as important, if not more so, than working the other areas of your body. The r...  Read more

Upper Body, Lower Body, and Core Exercises with a Medicine Ball

My husband actually bought our medicine ball. I have no idea why. He thought it would be good exercise. It came with a DVD that we've since lost. The best thing about medicine balls, in my opinion, are the partnered exercises. Then I can get...  Read more

Squats, sit ups, and the dreaded medicine ball...

Last night was my first meeting with my Personal Trainer - Ralph. I was excited but nervous because I've never worked with a personal trainer before and although I like the idea of someone telling me and challenging me to reach beyond my limit, I ten...  Read more