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How To Get Over Emotional Eating Resources

Below are top resources on SparkPeople for How To Get Over Emotional Eating.

Tame the Emotional Eating Beast for Good

When weight loss professionals discuss emotional eating, you hear a lot of talk about stimulus control, stress management techniques, and cognitive reframing. This is all well and good (and you’ll be hearing some of that here), but it doesn&rsq...  Read more

De-Stress in 3 Minutes or Less

What is the single, most common problem that most dieters face when trying to lose weight? Will power? Nah. Temptation? Sometimes. Emotional eating? Bingo! That’s why it takes so much more than good intentions and information about nutrition an...  Read more

Take Action Against Emotional Eating

HEADLINE: Emotional Eating is a Problem Your reaction: Tell me something I don’t know… By now, you likely know what emotional eating is. You probably realize that emotions cause 75% of overeating. You're a...  Read more

Stop Emotional Eating Before It Starts

Eating is more than something we do to nourish our bodies with vital nutrients. It's also an activity we do out of habit, like nail biting, hair twirling, or finger tapping. And sometimes, we habitually turn to food in response to certain emotion...  Read more

Get a Handle on Emotional Eating

Ever been angry or upset one minute and then on your couch eating the next, unable to remember why you started eating or how long you had spent munching? If so, then you have entered the world of emotional eating. It’s something than can ha...  Read more

and ate as I planned!

and ate as I planned!...  Read more

I only gained 2 lbs last week! I ate a lot but ha
Updated 11/30/2015 1:42:53 AM

I only gained 2 lbs last week! I ate a lot but have been super busy decorating for Christmas. I'm not sweating over 2 lbs...until tomorrow when I'm in my gym working it off. LoL. Back to the grind in about 9 hours. Woohoo!!!...  Read more

Trying to get back to tracking, eating healthier,
Updated 11/29/2015 11:33:59 PM

Trying to get back to tracking, eating healthier, exercising, and taking care of myself. It's been a year since I've done any of this....  Read more

Kinda of a bad week, eating late to not fitting my
Updated 11/29/2015 9:55:43 PM

Kinda of a bad week, eating late to not fitting my exercise in....  Read more

the spin wheel must be not working getting no poin
Updated 12/1/2015 2:59:50 PM

the spin wheel must be not working getting no points when i spon...  Read more

Thinking away emoyional eating binge...

I am an emotional eater. I'm discovering that when I have an immediate urge to eat junk food or sweets..not out of hunger but emotional driven desire to stuff my emotions down...if I take a moment and ask myself why....and ask myself what is botherin...  Read more

24 hour rule

If I want to eat something that is not a part of my plan, I wait 24 hours. If I still want it, I allow/plan for it in the next day's meal plan. Usually, by the next day, I've forgotten about it but if not I can still have it (planned) the next day....  Read more


A wonderful group from Michigan who joined sparkpeople in hopes of getting control of their weight and learn to eat healthy. ...  Read more

How to Prioritize Yourself AND Be More Effective in Your Life

By Melissa McCreery, PhD, ACC Learning to prioritize yourself and to claim time for your goals is critical for long term success with health and weight loss. Staying on track, finding the time, and maintaining motivation can be major challenges...  Read more

Doing Something Trumps Doing Nothing

Last month I had the privilege to attend a running symposium sponsored by one of my local area hospitals here in Dallas.  The highlight of the event was having the opportunity to listen to and ask questions of legendary running coach, Greg McMil...  Read more

Stressful day... emotional eating out of control

I've been sick for about three days with a cold. My daughter was home all week from school from the flu and a staff infection. Thankfully she is better and ready for school Monday. I, however, am way past my threshold of being able to handle things....  Read more

Day 33 - Beck - Eliminate Emotional Eating

Here's another instance where I think NO CHOICE will be my favorite mantra! I definitely could fall prey to Emotional Eating. I will definitely tell myself that emotional times are not an eating emergency. Hopefully I can avoid Emotional eating by re...  Read more