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How Low Is Low Blood Pressure Resources

Below are top resources on SparkPeople for How Low Is Low Blood Pressure.

The Heart of a Woman

Heart disease is not a disease that only affects men. According to the American Heart Association (AHA), heart disease kills more than 500,000 women annually. In 2001, well over half of the people who died from heart disease were women. Yet...  Read more

''Running Helped Me Lose Almost 100 Pounds!'' *

Mike (MKKAYA) started running in 2008. Since joining SparkPeople, he has continued to work toward his weight-loss goals (losing nearly 100 pounds so far), completed three half marathons, and has his sights set on participating in a triathlon. ...  Read more

You Could Wake Up Naturally to a More Energized Day

7:00 a.m.: An infuriating alarm jolts you awake. 7:30 a.m.: After three snooze delays you finally turn it off and force yourself to jump out of bed. 8:15 a.m.: Two cups of coffee later, you're stuck in maddening morning traffic. 2:30 p.m.:...  Read more

Exercising with High Blood Pressure

If you have high blood pressure, the best piece of advice anyone can give you is to listen to your body. How you feel can and should dictate the frequency and intensity of your workouts. While it is possible—and preferable—to lose weight...  Read more

5 Mind-Body Exercises for a Healthier Heart

There are a myriad of factors that affect heart health. From regular exercise to smoking cessation to eating a nutritious diet, there are a number of things you can do to strengthen your heart. But did you know that the mind-body connection can also...  Read more

I am constantly sick, which I feel hinders me a lo
Updated 11/20/2015 6:48:04 AM

I am constantly sick, which I feel hinders me a lot. All I want to do is sleep meaning no exercise. Any advise people have on little things I can do to stop being sick or exercising?...  Read more

I am having trouble finding exercises that don't h
Updated 11/19/2015 6:20:28 AM

I am having trouble finding exercises that don't hurt my back but still gets t ::) e job done.Any suggestions.?...  Read more

Low carb / Atkins
Updated 11/21/2015 5:32:48 PM

I've been thinking about this today. When I was about 18, I did Atkins for a week and lost something crazy like 10lbs. Then I made a low carb chocolate truffle and totally lost control. I went on a bit of a bender. The next day, I weighed mysel...  Read more

I am finding that it's hard to not eat a meal afte
Updated 11/19/2015 2:31:36 AM

I am finding that it's hard to not eat a meal after work. I get off work late at night. Does anyone have a suggestion for getting more food in before work or during my lunch? I am trying to reduce what I eat after work because it's so late at night....  Read more

I am starting a low-carb diet; however, I can't se
Updated 11/19/2015 3:24:49 AM

I am starting a low-carb diet; however, I can't seem to find many easily accessible low carb foods. Any suggestions?...  Read more

Garlic Can Help

Garlic helps lower blood pressure, controls blood sugar increasing the release of insulin in diabetics, and blood cholesterol...  Read more



South Beach Diet (Lifestyle!)

For anyone who follows or wants to learn the SB way of eating. Lets be healthy together. SB is recommended by many doctors and dieticians; its good for blood sugar and reducing dietary fat....  Read more

Are You Following Steps to Live a Long Healthy Life?

As I was working yesterday, I heard a news report about a new heart health program by the American Heart Association. With an older brother that has already suffered a mild heart attack as well as a grandmother that died of heart related issues, I...  Read more

What's Up: Health News You Should Know

One in 3 adults (about 72 million people) have high blood pressure, otherwise known as hypertension. Many doctors don't know blood pressure guidelines, and they often don't start treatment soon enough in middle age men. Though the recommended blood p...  Read more