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How Get A Six Pack Resources

Below are top resources on SparkPeople for How Get A Six Pack.

6 Fitness Rules Meant to be Broken

We've already debunked some outdated diet rules, but what about fitness? Just as there is plenty of questionable diet and weight-loss advice going around, some exercise "rules" that people live by are downright misleading, misguided or...  Read more

10 Signs a Fitness Gadget is a Gimmick

Fitness infomercials promise a lot: dramatic weight-loss, big results, a six pack in 30 days! But unfortunately, most of them do not deliver on those promises. When those ads are so intriguing and believable, how do you know which new products delive...  Read more

Facts on 100-Calorie Snack Packs

Convenience foods and snacking go hand in hand. Unfortunately, many of these convenient snacks also go straight to our waistlines. When "snack packs" appeared on the market just a few years ago, dieters rejoiced! Now, they could easily coun...  Read more

9 Real-Food High-Protein Snacks

Protein is one of those “magic” nutrients—the kind that can help you stay full and satisfied, even when you’re watching calories and portion sizes. If you’re struggling to meet your daily protein goals, adding real-food,...  Read more

4 Ways to Become an Exerciser for Life

If you're someone who was always picked last for teams in kickball or dreaded running around the school parking lot during gym class, your dislike for physical activity likely came at an early age. Maybe you never needed exercise as a way to main...  Read more

I really wanna lose weight! I've gotten to a weigh
Updated 6/30/2016 6:21:13 PM

I really wanna lose weight! I've gotten to a weight that makes me unhappy with myself! My worst enemy.....i give up too quickly! I have a workout video but ashtrays tell myself "I'll do it tomorrow" and that never comes! I need help! Motivation!!!!...  Read more

Getting back on my midnight routine before I head
Updated 6/30/2016 2:21:27 PM

Getting back on my midnight routine before I head back to midnights. I'm so sick thinking it's time to go back. Its gonna be hard in exercise. But I know I can do it....  Read more

No better motivation then getting on the scale aft
Updated 6/30/2016 5:29:50 PM

No better motivation then getting on the scale after 25 days and seeing 17lbs gone from your start weight!! Know it will slow down coming off but still I'm excited!!! #motivation...  Read more

Getting back on track #motivated #friendfinder #be
Updated 6/30/2016 11:04:33 AM

Getting back on track #motivated #friendfinder #beginner...  Read more

Day 4 of eating better, getting enough food, if an
Updated 6/30/2016 2:36:22 PM

Day 4 of eating better, getting enough food, if anything I'm struggling to keep it down, but woke up with headache this morning. On about 5 glasses water, feel sick on more. Did anyone else get this? (no not a coffee drinker) #headaches...  Read more

"road Food"

_Always_ pack 'road food'-- keep a little cooler in the car. Use a freeze pack. Pack homemade juice boxes, small bags of fresh veggies, sandwiches (never ones with mayo) and anything else your family will eat. Even with dollar menus, one visit to McD...  Read more

six times a day

Eat six times a day all before 6:00 P.M.4...  Read more


A wonderful group from Michigan who joined sparkpeople in hopes of getting control of their weight and learn to eat healthy. ...  Read more

Can I See Results in a Month?

This is the time of year when well-intentioned New Year's resolutions start to get tough, and many of us begin falling back into old habits. One reason for this could be unrealistic expectations. You've been working out and eating right for o...  Read more

Before You Bite: A Closer Look at Snack Packs as Twinkies Join the 100 Calorie Brigade

From rice cakes to cupcakes, crackers to chips, and everything in between, 100 calorie packs are the hottest trend on the snack shelves. So what's the latest product to come in a 100 calorie pack? The Twinkie. Yes, your favorite sponge cake with crea...  Read more

Quickest and Easiest Way to Get a Six Pack

So sorry..... I'm giddy with SPRING! I couldn't resist! 334 334 334 334 334 334 334 334 334 334...  Read more

The Ultimate Six-Pack Formula

How many times did you go crazy because you couldn’t lose weight around your belly in spite of training hard and eating healthy? Well, the reason belly fat can be so stubborn is that it is as much a hormonal phenomenon as it is a caloric one. Ther...  Read more