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How Do I Build Muscle Fast Resources

Below are top resources on SparkPeople for How Do I Build Muscle Fast.

3 Weight Loss Tips for Men

If you’re a man who’s trying to lose weight and get fit, you’ve probably noticed that most of the books, magazines, and programs on these subjects aren’t really aimed at you. Most are for women. And the others seem to have bod...  Read more

So You Want to Be a Runner?

Running is one of the fastest growing amateur sports among men and women of all ages. Read how to get started on your own quest to becoming a runner. It doesn’t surprise me that more people are running for cardio exercise these days. Accor...  Read more

Are You Cheating Yourself at the Gym? Part 2

With the hectic pace of our society today, most people don't have hours to spend in the gym. That's why it's so important to make the most of the workout time you have available. Are you cheating yourself out of the best strength workout...  Read more

6 Swaps for More Efficient Workouts

Life is busy for most of us, and finding time for a workout can be challenging. When you do find that time, you want to make sure you're getting the most ''bang for your buck,'' meaning you're being as efficient as possible wi...  Read more

9 Reasons You're Not Getting Stronger

If you've incorporated strength training into your exercise regimen, congratulations! You're cultivating a healthy habit that will help make you better at, well, pretty much everything. But just like other aspects of a healthy lifestyle, stre...  Read more

My dad just passed away today and doing this diet
Updated 6/20/2016 12:31:44 AM

My dad just passed away today and doing this diet means everything...he was so proud of me for doing it and I will continue to work really hard to show him that I'm doing it for him and for myself, I miss him and he's watching over me from heaven...  Read more

I've been doing so good at the treading water for
Updated 6/21/2016 12:00:53 AM

I've been doing so good at the treading water for 45 minutes, that I think I will also tread at night. Does anyone think this is too much?...  Read more

I have been doing good by counting my calories I j
Updated 6/19/2016 8:04:51 PM

I have been doing good by counting my calories I just need some advice about the best exercise to do in not active at all so I need to start off slow...  Read more

Supposed to be a Rest day for me. May end up doing
Updated 6/19/2016 4:18:19 PM

Supposed to be a Rest day for me. May end up doing the treadmill or ellipticle though...  Read more

Is anyone doing Eat to Live? Questions!!
Updated 6/24/2016 9:08:21 AM

I'm on Day 6 of Eat to Live with no cheating. No sugar, no alcohol, no meat, dairy or eggs. I'm loving it and I feel great. My skin looks terrible though with some breakouts on my face and a small patch on one cheek that looks like a slight...  Read more

Lift heavy weights

Lifting heavy weights will build muscle mass and you will burn more calories doing anything at any given time....  Read more

Don't Be Discouraged if the Scale Doesn't Move :~)

All too often this thing 192 scares us when it doesn't move the way we think it is supposed to. Don't forget that when you are working to lose weight through food choices and exercise that the exercising, when done properly, will help you build muscl...  Read more

SparkGuy's 10 Minute Fitness Club

Group for anyone to build a consistent fitness habit by doing at least 10 minutes of fitness most days per week. See the message board in the SP Challenges forum by the same name....  Read more

You Asked: ''Should I Work Out Today If I'm Still Sore from Yesterday's Workout?''

It's common for beginners to experience muscle soreness that lasts for a week or two, just as seasoned exercisers will be sore after a tough workout. Yes, you should keep working out even though you are sore, but there is more to it than that.&nb...  Read more

Cross-Training Activities for Runners

The old running adage is as follows, “in order to run, one must run”—this is commonly referred to as the Principle of Specificity of Training. In other words, in order for you to become a more efficient runner, you must spend time running. But doing...  Read more