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Hoodia Patch Resources

Below are top resources on SparkPeople for Hoodia Patch.

Weight Loss Supplements: Fact or Fiction?

Whether browsing the Internet, surfing through 500 channels, or flipping through your favorite magazine (or tabloid), you’ll find them everywhere: weight loss supplements that offer quick and easy solutions to shedding unwanted pounds. Simply p...  Read more

Sensitive Skin Solutions

Darn, it happened again! You’ve just tried a new facial cleanser, but instead of the healthy glow you had hoped for, your skin became red, itchy and irritated. With a sigh, you throw the cleanser into the drawer filled with all of your other be...  Read more

Homemade Beauty Recipes for Hair

Many of the same wholesome foods that you eat to help you glow from the inside-out can also be used externally, as shampoos, conditioners and hair masks. These vitamins, minerals, and oils that nourish your body also nourish your hair. Below you&rsqu...  Read more

Loving Your Heart

Evidence suggests that on February 14, 269 A.D., Valentine was martyred for secretly marrying countless couples and bringing together true love. Legend has it that the emperor of the time, Claudius II, believed that marriage weakened his army and...  Read more

The Pirate Workout

Hey you scallywags! No more hogboshing around the deck swabs; it’s time to earn your eye patches! This here is called "The Pirate Workout" and if you’re looking for a fun and rewarding upper body workout, you should be all over...  Read more

Sheesh! You've had quite a rough patch! Maybe focu

Sheesh! You've had quite a rough patch! Maybe focus on upper body exercises for now since it sounds like most of the issue is your lower body? If not, just rest...exercise will be there when your body is ready....  Read more

We are going to the pumpkin patch on this beautifu
Updated 9/30/2015 10:11:52 AM

We are going to the pumpkin patch on this beautiful day. I'm finally feeling like I belong to my fit little family. Feeling pretty happy!...  Read more

Had a great time at the pumpkin patch! :) It was f
Updated 9/26/2015 8:37:53 AM

Had a great time at the pumpkin patch! :) It was fun to see my daughter experiencing the things I loved as a child...  Read more

i have been on evra patch for last 4 to 5 weeks n
Updated 9/1/2015 6:18:12 PM

i have been on evra patch for last 4 to 5 weeks n im suspecting its not letting me lose weight. i even gained a pound. nothing else has changed in my routine and im taking much more care of my diet now but still no success. :'(...  Read more

HCG Patch/Frequency App users
Updated 8/25/2015 9:51:48 AM

Hi there, is there anyone else embarking on the Hcg diet using the homeopathic frequency app patches? This forum is for you!...  Read more


When I see something I have to do I will work non stop like I did today. Weeds in my strawberrys has ruin a good percent of them and I have to buy more. I decided that the weeds where not getting any more and stated pulling them and have 75 % of the...  Read more

Grow My Own Food

I try to grow as much of my own food as possible - even if it's only a little patch of onion and herbs. Going out to harvest what I need gets me moving, into some fresh air, and is relaxing. And it's so much more convenient than running to the stor...  Read more


For those who use FLYLady techniques to bring control to their homes and lives; and to support, encourage, and have fun along the way! (Click on FLYBaby Patch to "fly" to FLYLady!)...  Read more

The Worst Diet Scams

More than 2/3 of Americans are overweight or obese (source), and we spend more than $40 billion a year on weight loss, much of it on pills, gadgets, and creams that don't live up to their lofty claims.When you're desperate to change your life...  Read more

4 Fun New SparkPeople Products for Less Than $12 is a 100% free site, but a couple years ago, we created an online store to help satisfy member demand for SparkPeople goods. You asked us for T-shirts, workout DVDs and more, so we delivered not only those items, but additional things...  Read more