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Hiking Maps Resources

Below are top resources on SparkPeople for Hiking Maps.

A Hiker's Guide to the Perfect Day Pack

Whether you’re trekking Machu Picchu, the Grand Canyon or the spectacular unknown of your local hiking trails, how you choose to prepare for a hike can make or break the entire experience. While longer, more strenuous hikes often require more a...  Read more

Hike Yourself Fit

I was watching a rerun of "Sex and the City" the other night, in which Carrie is visiting a new boyfriend, David. They’re enjoying a nice picnic on the grassy hillside, and David mentions that there are beautiful hiking trails all aro...  Read more

Important Safety Tips for Outdoor Runners and Walkers

Two weeks ago while I was out for a five-mile run on a busy street in my neighborhood, I saw another runner coming at me. While I was running facing the oncoming traffic, she was running with the flow of traffic. I always run against the flow of...  Read more

Top 10 Things You'd Be Surprised You Can Do at SparkPeople

With thousands of features on the site and new ones launching every day, it's easy to miss some here and there. It's not unusual to hear a long-time member say "I never knew SparkPeople had this!" and sometimes, it refers to a featu...  Read more

How to Overcome Any Excuse Not to Exercise

Most people begin a new fitness program with great intentions and lots of motivation--only to find both waning within a few weeks. The realities of work, school, social and family demands overwhelm the desire to get fit, and exercise gets puts on the...  Read more

Hiking and Workout Buddy Local
Updated 11/17/2015 4:46:20 PM

Hi, I am looking for a local buddy to walk, hike or workout with in Ventura County California....any committed locals out there?...  Read more

I like to go hiking up this hill behind my house b
Updated 11/14/2015 10:55:03 PM

I like to go hiking up this hill behind my house but i seem to twist my ankle on the rocks. I have hiking boots but it still happens. Can i use those ankle braces people use for sprained ankles? Any suggestions. Im pretty broke so cant buy new ones...  Read more

Good morning nice sunny day, going for a hike near
Updated 11/8/2015 11:49:26 AM

Good morning nice sunny day, going for a hike near Holy Hill in Wisconsin beautiful area. Than do my other exercise and watch football...  Read more

run mapping sites?
Updated 11/4/2015 5:44:05 PM

anyone know of a run mapping site that allows you to go off of roads? the gps on my phone and my Nike app decided not to cooperate today, fortunately I've done that route before when it did work so I know the distance. However I'd love to know of a...  Read more

Another great hike. So proud to say I walked furth
Updated 10/25/2015 9:03:30 PM

Another great hike. So proud to say I walked further than yesterday. Guess it makes up for the 300 calorie bagel in the morning! Tomorrow is a new day and hoping for another great hike!...  Read more

Treasure map for health

306Exercise goals in pictures on my treasure map for health...  Read more

Prevent Wet Phone & Pedometer

Tip: Ever get caught in rain/snow/sleet? Take a few small plastic sandwich bags when you go on your walk, hike, sporting event...great prevention for anyone of any age who might be at risk for a wet phone/pedometer from wet pockets!! Easier than ric...  Read more

Let's go Hiking

People who want to get out into nature and explore the world through hiking, backpacking, walking, biking, or anything else that helps us get in touch with nature and achieve our goals....  Read more

10 Things to Take On a Spring Hike

Last Sunday, I reveled in the first day of spring by going for a hike at a nearby park. It was sunny and 60 degrees—perfect hiking weather! I'm always a little nervous when I hit the trail by myself because you never know what could happen....  Read more

Stuff We Love: The Garmin Forerunner

Back in September 2009, I reviewed the Nike Plus sport band. Back then, I wasn't a serious runner. Running was a casual thing I did because I thought it was a good workout—not something I actually liked doing or looked forward to. When I re...  Read more