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Help For Emotional Eating Resources

Below are top resources on SparkPeople for Help For Emotional Eating.

Take Action Against Emotional Eating

HEADLINE: Emotional Eating is a Problem Your reaction: Tell me something I don’t know… By now, you likely know what emotional eating is. You probably realize that emotions cause 75% of overeating. You're a...  Read more

Tame the Emotional Eating Beast for Good

When weight loss professionals discuss emotional eating, you hear a lot of talk about stimulus control, stress management techniques, and cognitive reframing. This is all well and good (and you’ll be hearing some of that here), but it doesn&rsq...  Read more

De-Stress in 3 Minutes or Less

What is the single, most common problem that most dieters face when trying to lose weight? Will power? Nah. Temptation? Sometimes. Emotional eating? Bingo! That’s why it takes so much more than good intentions and information about nutrition an...  Read more

Stop Emotional Eating Before It Starts

Eating is more than something we do to nourish our bodies with vital nutrients. It's also an activity we do out of habit, like nail biting, hair twirling, or finger tapping. And sometimes, we habitually turn to food in response to certain emotion...  Read more

Get a Handle on Emotional Eating

Ever been angry or upset one minute and then on your couch eating the next, unable to remember why you started eating or how long you had spent munching? If so, then you have entered the world of emotional eating. It’s something than can ha...  Read more

I need help with a pedometer recommendation. Frust
Updated 8/21/2016 10:09:39 AM

I need help with a pedometer recommendation. Frustrated with past ones due to inaccuracies and almost impossible battery replacement. #fitness...  Read more

Please help , I feel so hopeless ,since my hystere
Updated 8/21/2016 9:34:39 PM

Please help , I feel so hopeless ,since my hysterectomy I haven't lost anything, I will never stop trying but my hope to losing again is very little... #motivation...  Read more

Last night was all day of healthy eating till at n
Updated 8/21/2016 7:49:27 AM

Last night was all day of healthy eating till at night a guest came. She wanyed to eat pizza .... n i couldnt resisit:"(...  Read more

Didn't do so well today with eating... ☹️☹️☹️😑
😑 #sad #nonhealthy #crappy #over

Updated 8/20/2016 11:47:54 PM

Didn't do so well today with eating... ☹️☹️☹️😑😑😑 #sad #nonhealthy #crappy #overate...  Read more

Help. I have to cook for other people that's not
Updated 8/21/2016 12:04:07 AM

Help. I have to cook for other people that's not on the diet as I am. And I wanna sneak and eat that but have to tell myself I can't have it its very hard....  Read more

A great website that helps me plan and plot exactly what I eat and exercise, as well as helping manage my emotional/mental health....  Read more

FInd a Motivator and Stick to It!

Find something that you want be it physical, emotional and even intellectual and let it help you to reach your goals....  Read more


A wonderful group from Michigan who joined sparkpeople in hopes of getting control of their weight and learn to eat healthy. ...  Read more

Dealing with Emotional Eating, from a Man's Perspective

Hi, my name is Jerome and I am an emotional eater. There, I said it.  I mean, I’ve said it before out loud.But I thought it was important that I write it down. I am a man who is an emotional eater. You know what emotional ea...  Read more

Calming Your Inner Emotional Eater

Editor's Note: Obesity expert Dr. Martin Binks contributes regular guest posts to the dailySpark. Links to products and services contained within do not necessarily imply endorsement by Dr. Binks. All too often both men and women fail to recogniz...  Read more

I Need Help With Emotional Eating

I need help. I have a big problem with emotional eating. I don't want to feel - it is not safe. Would any of you be able to direct me to resources that might help me learn to deal with this? Possible resources might include a Spark...  Read more

Need some help with emotional eating

Okay, so i am trying to buy healthy, so, i bought some mixed nuts to have for snacks. I know that there are certain things i just can't have in the house because, well, I won't stop eating till it is gone. I just had a gala (medium) apple for my snac...  Read more