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Healthy Meals For School Resources

Below are top resources on SparkPeople for Healthy Meals For School.

Eating Healthy in the Cafeteria

You meant to pack a nutritious lunch for school today. But your best friend texted you while you were slaving over your algebra homework, so you took a break to listen to her gush about her crush. By the time you finally finished your homework, you w...  Read more

Fun and Filling Lunches To-Go

It’s Sunday night and, like millions of workers and students across the land, you’re once again rummaging through a cluttered refrigerator looking for something appetizing to pack for tomorrow’s lunch. Or worse, it’s Mond...  Read more

Basic Motivation for a Healthy Diet

Our bodies are very similar to our parents, teachers, bosses and coaches. They demand we make responsible choices and work hard to be successful. They expect us to wake up on time, show up when we’re suppose to and hand things in when they&...  Read more

Active Kids Do Better in School

A recent study conducted by the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) investigated the link between physical activity in children and academic performance in school. Initially, researchers predicted that kids who took physical education (PE) dur...  Read more

Healthy School Lunches Kids Will Actually Eat

Breakfast might be the most important meal of the day, but lunch runs a close second. Studies have shown that children who eat a well-balanced lunch often do better in school and are more alert. It can be difficult enough to get your child to eat rig...  Read more

What are some easy & quick healthy dinner options?
Updated 6/24/2016 3:41:05 PM

What are some easy & quick healthy dinner options? I usually get home late due to my son being in summer sports & dinners are my biggest problem. Thanks for the help!...  Read more

#motivation # firstpost. Just had a healthy lunch. Going to the movies craving something crunchy, hi
Updated 6/25/2016 12:34:42 AM

#motivation # firstpost. Just had a healthy lunch. Going to the movies craving something crunchy, high in carbs. I had to remind myself I want to be around for my grandchildren one day. Passed up junk food....  Read more

Starting new healthy lifestyle by counting calorie
Updated 6/24/2016 2:55:19 PM

Starting new healthy lifestyle by counting calories taking it slow so I dont fail horribly lol...  Read more

Accountability & Healthy eating buddy
Updated 6/27/2016 12:01:58 AM

Hello, I am Emily. I am a 28 year old office worker in Dublin, Ireland. I am new to SP and hoping to get out of my rut by meeting people who are in the same boat as I am. I am hoping to lose around 43lbs and start eating healthier. I have tried numer...  Read more

Anyway to delete a food I put under the wrong meal
Updated 6/24/2016 7:18:52 PM

Anyway to delete a food I put under the wrong meal ? #help...  Read more

Fix lunch

I always try to fix lunches night before, so I am not rushing and possibly not sending healthy foods with child to school....  Read more

Be Prepared!

Do food prep for your meals ahead of time, and always take a couple extra healthy snacks with you to work or school. I always find that I eat junk when I didn't bring enough snacks to work and I'm starving. It's better to overindulge with an apple th...  Read more

College Students

This group is for college students who are looking to get healthier and need a little support from those in a similar situation...  Read more

Will Improving School Lunches Affect Childhood Obesity?

I've done numerous blogs about children and healthy eating. The topic has always interested me, but even more-so now that I have children of my own. Every day we hear statistics about the number of obese children in America and strategies for how t...  Read more

The Not-So-Extreme School Lunch Makeover

Last week, First Lady Michelle Obama and Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack joined celebrity chef Rachael Ray to announce changes to the school lunch program. This desired national update is the first in more than fifteen years. After the announcement...  Read more