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Healthy Ideas For Dinner Resources

Below are top resources on SparkPeople for Healthy Ideas For Dinner.

What Does 300 Calories Really Look Like?

Wonder what 300 calories looks like? 300 calories look drastically different when you're eating in instead of dining out. Choosing healthier, more nutritious foods--at home and away--means you can eat much more food and still lose weight. Check o...  Read more

Break Out of Your Food Rut!

What's for dinner? What are you eating for breakfast or lunch tomorrow? If you aren't feeling excited about your meals, or if your kids are complaining about eating chicken again, you may be in a food rut.   It happens easily; b...  Read more

How to Get the Support You Need to Succeed

You wake up to your husband preparing a platter of fruit and a slice of whole wheat toast for breakfast. Your wife always has a healthy dinner—lean protein and fresh veggies—ready at 6 o’clock. Your co-workers have teamed...  Read more

Everyday Ways to Boost Your Calorie Burn

You stare at your to-do list with dread: Unload the dishwasher, return the library books, do the laundry, pick up dinner, drop the kids off at the mall, go to the gym…and that’s just the beginning. The list seems endless and unfortunatel...  Read more

10 Healthy Valentine's Day Dates

From boxes of chocolates to three-course dinners to movie-theater popcorn, romance and calories tend to go hand-in-hand—but you don't have to abandon your diet plan to show your adoration. This Valentine's Day, treat your sweetie to...  Read more

I was a healthy weight most of my life and then ga
Updated 7/24/2016 11:53:16 AM

I was a healthy weight most of my life and then gained after one child and gained more after the second. I've been making bad choices for a long time but ready to make a change. If you are considered you feel unwell...'such as after e...  Read more

I've been making healthy breakfasts and dinners fo
Updated 7/24/2016 5:25:16 AM

I've been making healthy breakfasts and dinners for my family for the past two weeks and I'm starting to notice a difference in my body. I feel much happier and productive as well....  Read more

Suggestions for healthy snacks?
Updated 7/24/2016 5:59:37 AM

Suggestions for healthy snacks?...  Read more

Today was a great day! I went to dinner with my hu
Updated 7/23/2016 11:00:14 PM

Today was a great day! I went to dinner with my husband,we shared a sushi roll and entree. .and I stayed within my goal! yet another way to save Calories! #food...  Read more

Ideas for breakfast that is non-dairy. I'm allerg
Updated 7/24/2016 2:57:17 PM

Ideas for breakfast that is non-dairy. I'm allergic :( #food...  Read more

Freezer Pleasers

First, plan on cooking extra with the idea you will freeze some. This saves time and energy later, make you less apt to go for pizza, burgers, or take-out. You can eat healthier when you can control the ingredients. Second, if you are tempted to go b...  Read more

List of Foods and Combinations to Try

I keep a list of food ideas to try. I started it several years ago, and I just keep adding to it when I run across an inspiring idea. The ideas may be a vegetable or fruit I have not eaten, a combination of foods or a whole meal. I also list rest...  Read more

College Students

This group is for college students who are looking to get healthier and need a little support from those in a similar situation...  Read more

Fun and Active Date Ideas

My husband and I just celebrated our 14th anniversary earlier this week and I thought it was a great time to share some active date ideas with you. While we haven't had a chance to actually celebrate our anniversary just yet, we will be doing so...  Read more

Weekly Menu: Gluten-Free Dinners

Per your requests, our recipe ideas come in a handy, downloadable calendar packed full of meal ideas that are healthy and delicious. (It's printable, too!) Whether you use this calendar every day or just use it for ideas is up to you. We hope we&...  Read more