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Hcg Diet Motivation Resources

Below are top resources on SparkPeople for Hcg Diet Motivation.

5 Mind Games You Need to Stop Playing

Motivation is like cold hard cash: You can never have too much! And when you’re trying to lose weight (for the umpteenth time for many of us) you know that you need a wealth of motivational strategies you can count on. But, with so many motivat...  Read more

Mastering the Mysteries of Motivation

Do you often find yourself wondering where your motivation went? Do you suddenly revert back to your “old ways” without really understanding why? If this sounds familiar, you may have some basic misconceptions about motivation: what...  Read more

The Before-During-After Journal

Do you often have trouble finding the motivation to stick to your exercise and nutrition goals? If so, then you might not be looking in the right place. Experts who study motivation have long recognized two basic types of motivation: ...  Read more

Become Your Own Best Motivator

There are several kinds of motivation problems that people run into, and each requires a different set of strategies. Let's start here with a little quiz to find out which motivational problems you might be dealing with. Get out a small piec...  Read more

3 Simple Ways to Build Consistency

You don’t have to be an expert to figure out that consistency is pretty essential to successfully change your life, your health, and your weight. But it’s also pretty clear that building a consistent routine of regular exercise and health...  Read more

Diet help
Updated 7/26/2015 2:16:11 PM

I was wondering, if you got a chance, if you could look at my diet log. I've been really strict about writing calories down, and for some reason, I haven't been able to get the scale to move in while(3-4 weeks). I'm wondering if I''m doing something...  Read more

change of diet
Updated 7/21/2015 2:32:12 PM

For awhile now I have struggled with my ups and downs and plateaus of weight loss. I decided what I was going to do right now is to try to cut out gluten the best I can. I have thought of going Paleo, but that will take a bit adjusting to. My goal i...  Read more

diet buddy wanted
Updated 7/27/2015 7:17:09 PM

:(...  Read more

diet buddy wanted
Updated 7/21/2015 10:19:51 AM

:(...  Read more

Let's say you don't have the motivation and more a
Updated 7/21/2015 4:58:25 PM

Let's say you don't have the motivation and more and you threw the towel, you gave up... Please imagine in details and tell me, then what? What's going to happen after that? How you going to feel about yourself?...  Read more

Do Not Let Your Spouse Adversely Affect Your Plan!

If your spouse is obese and does little or nothing about it, do not let him (or her) affect YOUR plan! Stay on track with diet and exercise and let your Spark community inspire and encourage you to continue!...  Read more

HCG Diet

This diet is amazing. I am losing weight rapidly. Search Dr. Simeon's HCG Diet Protocol" in Google to find and read the original manuscript for yourself. It really does work. Too many details to fit in here though....  Read more


A great place for Tennessean's to gather for support, encouragement and motivation. No matter how large or small the goal we are here for you. Welcome to Team Tennessee....  Read more

hCG Injections for Weight Loss: Do They Really Work?

What if I told you that we've discovered the secret to weight loss—something so amazing, easy, and effective that it can help you drop several pounds a day, lose that stubborn belly fat for good, and finally "fix" your metabolism...  Read more

How the Polar Vortex Might Help You Lose Weight

A round-up of the most interesting and thought-provoking stories of the week. How A Little Chill In The Air Could Help You Lose Weight NPR Shots blog There might be a silver lining to this "polar vortex" after all: Experts say that keepin...  Read more