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Hair Biotin Resources

Below are top resources on SparkPeople for Hair Biotin.

Get Street-Wise About Supplements

Going to the drug store lately can feel a little like a Saturday morning trip to the candy shop, with dozens and dozens of colorful vitamin and mineral supplements to choose from! Can’t you just sample a little bit of everything? If you&rs...  Read more

Ditch the Winter Itch

If you've ever scratched your arm or leg and left a trail of white flakes (who hasn't?), then you’ve seen the effects of dry skin. While uncomfortable, dry skin usually isn’t "serious," but it can make a formerly-smooth...  Read more

Homemade Beauty Recipes for Hair

Many of the same wholesome foods that you eat to help you glow from the inside-out can also be used externally, as shampoos, conditioners and hair masks. These vitamins, minerals, and oils that nourish your body also nourish your hair. Below you&rsqu...  Read more

Beauty Tips for Every Season

Looking your best can be frustrating. Just when you get a beauty routine down pat, the seasons change and suddenly you have to start all over again. Keeping your hair and skin in top condition all year round means working with the weather, not agains...  Read more

Sensitive Skin Solutions

Darn, it happened again! You’ve just tried a new facial cleanser, but instead of the healthy glow you had hoped for, your skin became red, itchy and irritated. With a sigh, you throw the cleanser into the drawer filled with all of your other be...  Read more

Hair question: Am I OVER conditioning my hair?????
Updated 2/11/2016 6:20:49 PM

I was told that it was possible to OVER condition your hair today and with me trying to GROW my hair (I'm aiming waist length as my goal!) and to grow it healthy... I am worried. So what are the signs that I am over conditioning my hair? With t...  Read more

Hair loss. I been having alot of hair lost lately.
Updated 1/27/2016 6:44:38 PM

Hair loss. I been having alot of hair lost lately. I haven't seen anybody else post about it so here it goes i knew i would be losing some hair i didn't think it would be this much...  Read more

...old, get wrinkles, get grey hair, maybe lose hi

...old, get wrinkles, get grey hair, maybe lose his hair, probably get crazy eyebrows, ear hair, nose hairs and all sorts things. He may even gain weight himself. Bet he wouldn't want to be treated like he's treated you!...  Read more

Any hair care tips to get sweat off but not destro
Updated 1/7/2016 6:29:04 AM

Any hair care tips to get sweat off but not destroy hair? I used to shampoo hair maybe twice a week. Since increased activity I've tried just rinsing but it's feeling icky. Washing daily dries it out bad. I try to stay natural / organic as possible....  Read more

Very nice! What are you going to do with your hair

Very nice! What are you going to do with your hair? What's it going to look like? Let us know :)...  Read more

Hair Loss – Eating Right to Prevent it

A Biotin deficiency causes hair loss and scaly skin. Good sources of biotin are:BeansBrown RiceShellfish and SardinesDark, green vegetablesWhole grains...  Read more

lighten your hair

Rinsing your hair in lemon juice wil lighten teh hair,, makes it squeaky clean too!!...  Read more

The Soapbox - discuss and debate your issues!

Respectful debate and lively discussion – esp. for topics that’re too hot for the main forums! No biting, name-calling or hair-pulling, please. Disagreement is encouraged, but bad behavior is not!...  Read more

How to Treat Post-Menopausal Hair Loss

If you're a post-menopausal woman, you might have noticed that your forehead has grown higher all of a sudden. Or maybe the part in your hair has gotten wider, and you can see your scalp when the light hits it just right. But don't worry; you...  Read more

How to Get the Perfect Blowout

Straightening your hair can be less of a hassle with these expert product picks.Top Hair Tools to Achieve the Maximum Blowout John Frieda Salon Shine Dryer, $40Use a lightweight ionic dryer with at least 1,800 watts for a sleek style. This one f...  Read more