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Gummy Multivitamins Resources

Below are top resources on SparkPeople for Gummy Multivitamins.

The 10 Commandments of Healthy Eating for Parents

Thou shalt not force, bribe or coerce thy child to eat. Thou shalt set a good example by eating at least five fruits and vegetables, three whole grain products, and three dairy servings per day thyself. Thou shalt make mealti...  Read more

Get Street-Wise About Supplements

Going to the drug store lately can feel a little like a Saturday morning trip to the candy shop, with dozens and dozens of colorful vitamin and mineral supplements to choose from! Can’t you just sample a little bit of everything? If you&rs...  Read more

VIDEO: Test Your Vitamin Supplement Smarts

Editor's Note: Please wait a moment for the player below to load, especially if you have a slower Internet connection. Thank you for your patience.   ...  Read more

Supplement Questions Answered

Q: Will carnitine help me lose weight? A: In theory, carnitine, a derivative of the amino acid lysine, could be a good weight loss supplement because it helps move components of fat into the area in cells where they are burned. There is, howev...  Read more

7 Key Nutrients Vegetarians Need to Watch

There are many benefits to being vegetarian and vegan. Regardless of why you chose such a lifestyle, it’s not enough to simply cut the meat, poultry, and seafood from your daily menu. Animal products do offer nutrients that support growth, body...  Read more

What's a good multivitamin to take? I'm 34.
Updated 6/16/2016 3:45:07 PM

What's a good multivitamin to take? I'm 34....  Read more

What multivitamin are you taking?
Updated 5/7/2016 4:30:11 PM

What multivitamin are you taking?...  Read more

Do you take vitamins? A multivitamin can do wonder

Do you take vitamins? A multivitamin can do wonders...  Read more

I'm curious on everyone's thoughts on multivitamin
Updated 4/13/2016 9:24:05 PM

I'm curious on everyone's thoughts on multivitamins? I'm currently not getting the recommended vitamins by food. I know I need to but for now I'm trying to eat within moderation before I make more dietary changes. Would it be ok to take?...  Read more

Can anyone recommend a good multivitamin ?
Updated 4/6/2016 5:47:44 PM

Can anyone recommend a good multivitamin ?...  Read more

If you must finish the day with a sweet

I get my sweet craving at night after dinner. I don't feel like i've finished eating for the day until I have had a taste of something sweet - so I have 2 stand bys: Dark (70%) Chocolate and Gummy Vitamins. I don't have the chocolate every night,...  Read more

Gummy vitamins

I take gummy vitamins, gummy calcium and gummy fiber. It makes me feel like I'm eating candy and the calories are minimal....  Read more

7 Good Mid-Run Snacks

Whether you’re training for a 10K, competing in an all-day marathon, or simply running after a long day at work, you're bound to get hungry somewhere along the way. If you're competing, you definitely don't want to stop to eat for...  Read more

Study: Daily Vitamin Doesn't Help Your Health

Do you pop a multivitamin every morning? It might not be as beneficial as you think. A recent, quite sizable study of more than 160,000 women found that a vitamin regimen doesn't lessen one's chances of developing cancer or heart disease. The finding...  Read more