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Ginger Boy Resources

Below are top resources on SparkPeople for Ginger Boy.

Squeezing in Exercise

I'm not a real mom, but I did play one once. Some friends of mine, planning an overseas trip, asked me to stay with their boys while they were gone. Honored to be chosen-- especially after I heard that the boys, ages 12, 14, and 16, ha...  Read more

The ''Real'' Woman's Workout

Recently, while bringing the wood in for our woodstove, a friend of ours said, "With all those boys, you’re bringing in the wood?" By "all those boys," he was referring to our four sons. I quickly explained to him that w...  Read more

He Did What He Had No Business Doing

Cheers to a boy who didn’t know any better. Cheers to a man who didn’t let a little thing like reality stand in his way. Cheers to a self-taught musician whose creativity and skill is the stuff of legend. Cheers t...  Read more

Homemade Beauty Recipes for Hair

Many of the same wholesome foods that you eat to help you glow from the inside-out can also be used externally, as shampoos, conditioners and hair masks. These vitamins, minerals, and oils that nourish your body also nourish your hair. Below you&rsqu...  Read more

Healthy Holiday Desserts

Ginger, pumpkin, apple, cinnamon, chocolate, peppermint. The flavors of the holidays are comforting and the perfect end to a wonderful meal. These recipes include nutrition-packed ingredients that turn holiday favorites into healthier treats the whol...  Read more

mothers of teen boys- past &present- need advice
Updated 8/20/2014 7:19:18 PM

I have a 13 year old son, almost 14. I have always told him to brush his teeth every morning and night, and now that he has gotten older, am trying to get him in the habit of putting deodorant on etc. and I am really thinking that by now I should not...  Read more

Ginger Root--How can you tell when it goes bad?
Updated 9/6/2014 10:59:41 PM

I bought mine about 3 wks ago and thought I'd find something to do with it. I haven't yet. Any help on how to tell when it goes bad or an idea of how to use it in a recipe? Thank you....  Read more

Oh BOY!!!!
Updated 4/9/2014 10:12:37 PM

Here I am.. All 200 pounds of me..Started today .. I want to be thin again..At my age 64, this weight keeps piling on,cause I don't overeat !! LOL LOL!! Now that the nice weather is here I would like to start walking. A friend of mine started couple...  Read more

Boy, Did I mess up.........
Updated 4/11/2014 3:43:04 PM

Just started this program last week, but have been tracking my eating habits for about a month now, outside this site. (So subconsciously, I knew there were potential)(Should have listened) I was so happy last night because for the first time I actua...  Read more

Big Boy
Updated 3/11/2014 7:22:12 AM

Hi, I'm Seb, 36 years old and i'm a little over weight. ;) (102kg) Because of knee injuries i had to stop training daily and thi is why i gained some kilos. Hope to loose them again with the help of sparkpeople. Nice to meet you and happy wei...  Read more


put on your favourite cd in dance when no-ones looking....  Read more

Just Ginger for Motion Sickness

Forget the anti-nausea tablets! Chew a small piece of ginger or drink ginger beer / ale (there are also ginger capsules available) before setting out on a journey. Ginger will settle your tummy in no time, and it's safe for small children and during...  Read more

Moms of Boys

This group is for moms of boys who need to lose weight and would like to discuss raising boys to be great men!...  Read more

Poll: Does Your Pet Motivate You to Exercise?

It's been just over a year since my favorite four-legged fitness buddy stumbled into my life. One March evening, my husband and I found the stray puppy darting back and forth across a busy street. She didn't have a collar or microchip, and by...  Read more

5 Surprising Foods that Fight the Flu

There are a variety of tips to prevent viruses. When you do find yourself not feeling well, there are various cold and flu survival guides to help you cope which is good since this year the fear of the flu is at an all time high.We have long known th...  Read more