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Getting Rid Of Hip Fat Resources

Below are top resources on SparkPeople for Getting Rid Of Hip Fat.

6 Fitness Rules Meant to be Broken

We've already debunked some outdated diet rules, but what about fitness? Just as there is plenty of questionable diet and weight-loss advice going around, some exercise "rules" that people live by are downright misleading, misguided or...  Read more

Dress for Success

Each of us has a favorite body part – or we should. Do you have an area you think is worth accentuating? If you do, good for you. As you get closer to your fitness/health/weight loss goals, you will likely want to show off more of your body, hi...  Read more

Water is a Secret Ingredient

Is water important? Well let’s see, other than making up 50%-60% of our bodies, regulating body temperature, helping our breathing, transporting nutrients, carrying away waste and helping our muscles function, water is pretty much useless. Oh,...  Read more

Waist-to-Hip Ratio Estimates Health Risk

Ever notice how some people can have big bellies but lean legs, or how women tend to store most of their fat in their thighs, hips, and butt? These are examples of fat distribution, which refers to where your body typically stores the fat, no matter...  Read more

Look Great at Any Weight

My closet used to be divided into three sections: clothes that fit when I was 20 pounds heavier; clothes that fit when I was  thin but miserable (from my “never-eat-anything-fun” phase); and clothes I could wear at that moment. ...  Read more

Are you still getting an error message? If so, wha

Are you still getting an error message? If so, what exactly does it say? Coach Denise...  Read more

Getting rid of the bloating
Updated 7/30/2015 11:41:38 PM

I have been stuck at 21 pounds lost for a few weeks now. I am very bloated and that makes me feel bad. I walk between 9000-10000 steps 5 out of 7 days a week. Any suggestions. I know that sodium leads to bloating but I need ideas of how to get r...  Read more

Really thinking of getting a fit bit but don't kno
Updated 7/30/2015 11:03:30 AM

Really thinking of getting a fit bit but don't know if I need 1 with the app isent my daily movement already taken into account in my BMR? And do you still track your workouts if you use 1?...  Read more

Finally feel like im getting back on track after a
Updated 7/29/2015 9:56:56 PM

Finally feel like im getting back on track after a month of not doing so good. I walked 4 miles monday 1 last night and 3 tonight. Also some crunches and trying to stay in my calories. I feel alot better but a little sore. I hope i can keep it up....  Read more

Belly Fat

Do bridges and planks instead of crunches to get rid of belly fat....  Read more

Bye-bye, Fat Clothes!

As you lose weight, get rid of the "fat clothes," the clothes that have become too big on you, and never turn back....  Read more


A wonderful group from Michigan who joined sparkpeople in hopes of getting control of their weight and learn to eat healthy. ...  Read more

How to Get Rid of Fruit Flies

Do pesky fruit flies hover around your fresh produce? Find out how you can get them out of your kitchen.Fruit Flies 101Adult fruit flies (Drosiphila melanogaster) range in size from 1 to 2 millimeters, have red eyes and tan or brownish body...  Read more

How Does Your Hometown Stack Up Among Fittest Cities?

A round-up of the most interesting and thought-provoking stories of the week. How does your hometown stack up among fittest cities? We just checked out the list of fittest/healthiest and least fit/unhealthiest cities in America. Cincinnati, home to S...  Read more