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Get Rid Of Back Fat Resources

Below are top resources on SparkPeople for Get Rid Of Back Fat.

Fight for Your Food Rights

Who’s to blame for the obesity epidemic? The suspects are many, from television to schools to parents. A growing number of people are arguing that one culprit – the food and beverage industry – is getting off relatively scot-free. ...  Read more

6 Fitness Rules Meant to be Broken

We've already debunked some outdated diet rules, but what about fitness? Just as there is plenty of questionable diet and weight-loss advice going around, some exercise "rules" that people live by are downright misleading, misguided or...  Read more

Water is a Secret Ingredient

Is water important? Well let’s see, other than making up 50%-60% of our bodies, regulating body temperature, helping our breathing, transporting nutrients, carrying away waste and helping our muscles function, water is pretty much useless. Oh,...  Read more

10 More Tips for Your Wellness Journey

Looking for more ways to become a healthier you? Here are 10 great ideas you can use any day, every day. 1. Drink a glass of water. Water is an essential nutrient for life. But beyond that, you just plain feel better when you’re well...  Read more

7 Times the Scale is Lying to You

The scale can be a valuable tool in any weight-loss journey. It can tell you where you started and help you track your progress. It's the tool people use most as a measure of success--or failure. As useful as the scale can be, don't forg...  Read more

I just got my biopsy results back from Colon polyp
Updated 9/29/2014 6:12:00 AM

I just got my biopsy results back from Colon polyps that I had removed and was advised that they were pre-cancerous and since my grandma died of bowel cancer I am at a huge risk. I have started to change my lifestyle. Anyone have suggestions?...  Read more

Back Again
Updated 10/1/2014 10:44:06 PM

I have been away for awhile and not having much success on healthy eating on my own. Looking for encouragement and support from anyone. My name is Valerie and I'm 47 years old. I've been married for almost 20 years (officially 20 years on October 15t...  Read more

Back to Get It Together!
Updated 9/29/2014 7:22:51 AM

Hi everyone! I have been battling this weight thing for years! I started SparkPeople back in August of 2009 and never really got into being healthy. I have finally revamped my life to cooking fresh meats and vegetables, but my allergies are off the c...  Read more

TI am just getting started again too. I have abou
Updated 9/28/2014 3:48:38 PM

TI am just getting started again too. I have about 20 lbs to lose. I'm looking for a small group to set some daily food and activity goals that I can check in with daily. Share how we are doing and work together. Anyone interested?...  Read more

I'm back now after dropping out a few years ago.
Updated 9/30/2014 12:59:04 AM

Hi everybody, I had joined Spark People a few years ago, but had dropped out. Now I am rejoining. I need help with organizing my house and decluttering and cleaning it. The area that I need the most help with right now is decluttering/how to start...  Read more

Bye-bye, Fat Clothes!

As you lose weight, get rid of the "fat clothes," the clothes that have become too big on you, and never turn back....  Read more

Baking and 'testing' it.....

My new trick for NOT testing my baking too much is...I watch a weight loss show while I'm busy in the kitchen. I had to make a wedding cake yesterday and while I was icing it I was watching 'Last 10 pounds Boot Camp'. That stopped me from licking my...  Read more

Sparkling Belly Dancers

Welcome to the shimmy zone! Dancing newbies, seasoned performers, cabaret, Tribal, video, live instruction - belly dancing for our lives and getting healthy with a brilliant sparkle!...  Read more

How to Get Rid of Fruit Flies

Do pesky fruit flies hover around your fresh produce? Find out how you can get them out of your kitchen.Fruit Flies 101Adult fruit flies (Drosiphila melanogaster) range in size from 1 to 2 millimeters, have red eyes and tan or brownish body...  Read more

You Asked: Will Fasting Jump-Start My Weight-Loss Efforts and Boost My Health?

Fasting has long been touted as a healthy process with many benefits such as cleaning the system, ridding the body of so-called toxins, benefiting the intestinal track, boosting metabolism, and jumpstarting weight loss. However none of these notions...  Read more

Googling How to Get Rid of Back Fat

Today I'm Googling how to get rid of back fat that I didn't even know I had until I was trying on a friend's tank top to get an idea of how Spiegel does their sizing, looked in the mirror, turned to the side and there it was. Back fat!!! Ewwwwwww!!!...  Read more

~ Getting rid of "back fat" or "love handles" ~

•*΄¨`*• •*΄¨`*• QUESTION: Dear Fun and Fit: Yikes! What do I do for the ole’ lady back???? I have love handles in the back area. I know I need to lose a few pounds but this is a big problem area for me!! Thanks, Terry in Santa Barbara ...  Read more