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Gastric Acid Analysis Resources

Below are top resources on SparkPeople for Gastric Acid Analysis.

Dietary Tips for Digestive Distress

You've probably eaten a large, spicy meal at one time or another, only to end up with an upset stomach (or other digestive woes). The occasional bout of heartburn isn't something of great concern, but when it happens frequently, it's time...  Read more

About SparkPeople's Recommendations provides free tools, resources and support for adults who want to improve their diets, establish a healthy lifestyle, get physically active, lose weight and/or manage their weight. We stand by our weight-loss, exercise and dietar...  Read more

The Truth about Alcohol and Heart Health

The idea that alcohol may be good for your heart has been around for a while. While moderate drinking may offer health benefits, drinking more can cause a host of health problems. So should you turn to alcohol to protect your heart? Here's what y...  Read more

The Buzz On Energy Drinks

We've all seen the flashy cans of energy drinks crowding the shelves at gas stations and grocery stores. From students to sports stars, it seems like everyone has used an energy supplement to up their game at some point. But what exactly puts the...  Read more

Cut Your Arthritis Risk with Fruits & Veggies

A recent study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found the average daily intake of two carotenoids (beta-cryptoxanthin and zeaxanthin) was lower (by 40% and 20% respectively) for arthritis patients than healthy subjects. Both of thes...  Read more

Gastric Bypass
Updated 2/13/2016 8:11:20 AM

I'm looking for a Gastric Bypass message board on here that ISNT inactive lol. Also, I am a new RNY patient and would like to know if I can adjust the calories on SparkPeople to below 1000 so I can put in my requirements now and not in May. ...  Read more

Only have 2 more classes before my Gastric bypass.
Updated 2/11/2016 5:56:29 AM

Only have 2 more classes before my Gastric bypass. Im so excited and nervous at the same time has anyone on here had that or preparing to go through it?...  Read more

Is anyone having or had gastric bypass surgery?
Updated 2/9/2016 11:12:10 AM

Is anyone having or had gastric bypass surgery?...  Read more

Hi. Connecticut Sparker who had gastric bypass a
Updated 2/10/2016 12:18:52 AM

Hi. Connecticut Sparker who had gastric bypass a year ago looking for buddies to provide support for each other on weight loss journey....  Read more

Hello everyone, I'm having gastric sleeve surgery
Updated 2/6/2016 2:19:35 AM

Hello everyone, I'm having gastric sleeve surgery done on feb 11, has anyone done this before and any tips?...  Read more

Back in your lap

Forgive yourself and start again. If it keeps happening fo a self analysis...  Read more

Cucumber & How To Reduce Gas

Cucumber juice is a diuretic, helps in the dissolution of kidney stones.It can help counter uric acids that are causing inflammation in joints,also very soothing for the treatment of gastric & duodenal ulcers. Cuc's are over 90% water, and the skin c...  Read more

Lap Banders

Gastric Banding Surgery...Have it, want it, need it, or love someone who has it, wants it or needs it! Welcome!...  Read more

How Fasting Affects Your Health

Many religions recommend fasting for both spiritual and/or health benefits. All religious fasts are different: Some restrict certain foods, while others only restrict the times of day in which one can eat. Few religious fasts involve a long-term or c...  Read more

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