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Folic Acid Is In What Foods Resources

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Dietary Supplements for Depression

It's becoming more and more common for consumers to forgo medication when looking for a "natural" alternative to treating conditions like depression. No matter what method you choose, it's important to get all the facts. SparkPeople...  Read more

Considering Pregnancy?

Caring for your health before you become pregnant may help you identify areas that put you and/or your baby at risk during pregnancy. First, schedule a pre-conception counseling appointment with your doctor. This discussion can educate you on things...  Read more

Vitamin B-12 May Prevent Birth Defects

Women of childbearing age (especially those who are pregnant or trying to conceive) are advised to eat 400 mg of folic acid (folate) daily to prevent neural tube defects, such as spina bifida, from occurring in their babies. New research, reported in...  Read more

Motivated to Move

Nothing motivates like numbers. You see a set of golf clubs you’ve had your eye on for only $359, so you’re motivated to buy. You read that 2,500 babies a year are born with brain and spinal cord defects, so you’re motivat...  Read more

Get Street-Wise About Supplements

Going to the drug store lately can feel a little like a Saturday morning trip to the candy shop, with dozens and dozens of colorful vitamin and mineral supplements to choose from! Can’t you just sample a little bit of everything? If you&rs...  Read more

How do I learn to love my body where I am at? I am
Updated 7/28/2016 5:28:02 AM

How do I learn to love my body where I am at? I am tired of looking in the mirror and hating what I see. I know Im going to lose weight but I also know that will take awhile......  Read more

Hi all! I am in the process of re-losing 40+lbs. G
Updated 7/27/2016 10:07:59 PM

Hi all! I am in the process of re-losing 40+lbs. Gained weight back while dealing with grief. Having a hard time loving this body that I never wanted back, so staying positive is the hardest part for me. I am just over a month in and down 6 lbs....  Read more

Hi everyone..I am new here and to this app..I'm ho
Updated 7/27/2016 8:57:58 PM

Hi everyone..I am new here and to this app..I'm hoping to lose weight and maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle. I am a 36 yr old mother of 4..and nursing student. My problem seems to be those darn carbs!! Hopefully this helps😁#firstpost...  Read more

I am going to be starting the C25K app (couch to 5
Updated 7/28/2016 8:28:49 AM

I am going to be starting the C25K app (couch to 5K) and I'm about 275# has anyone else had any real success with that app or one similar? I really need to get this weight off....  Read more

I am a 50 yo woman who has been trying to lose las
Updated 7/27/2016 7:46:45 PM

I am a 50 yo woman who has been trying to lose last 15 bls. At this point it's about reversing my diabetes, BP, and cholesterol. It's not that much weight but I can't seem to get there. Please share your success stories. Thanks...  Read more

Sprinkle Flax & Wheat Germ on Everythinggg

Add Flaxseed & Wheat Germ to your oatmeal, yogurt, baked goods, everyyything!! Flaxseed is a great source of essential fatty acids and is loaded with vitamins and minerals. It also contains antioxidants. Wheat germ is full of folic acid and also has...  Read more

Can Food Cause Depression?

Lack of folic acid can be the major cause of depression, but junk food & processed foods are also the culprit. Heavily processed foods are laden with sodium & always lead to depression. To avoid depression eat spinach, asparagus, avocados, sweet pota...  Read more


Are you PASSIONATE about chocolate? Do you see it as a food group?! Join other Chocoholics for discussions, recipe-swapping, & help in keeping this important food group alive!...  Read more

Folic Acid Important for Health

Folate is a water soluble B vitamin (B9) that is naturally found in food. Folic acid is the synthetic form of folate found in supplements and fortified foods. Folate plays a vital role in good health. It helps make normal red blood cells and aids...  Read more

Folate Levels Influence Depression Symptoms

Previous studies have found an inverse relationship between B vitamins and homocysteine levels. Likewise, higher homocysteine levels have been linked to atherosclerosis and higher risks of fatal coronary heart disease (CHD) and strokes. CHD studies h...  Read more