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Fluid Retention Symptoms Resources

Below are top resources on SparkPeople for Fluid Retention Symptoms.

Eat to Beat PMS

PMS. Three little letters that spell dread and discomfort for millions of women every month. It is reported that more than half and perhaps as many as 85 percent of all women experience discomfort related to menstruation, common referred to as Premen...  Read more

Exercises for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

You don’t want to complain, but lately you have felt a little tingling or numbness in your hand and wrist. Sometimes, the pain is sharp. Other times it seems to travel from your wrist up through your arm. You try to shake it off but it just won...  Read more

Dietary Tips for Digestive Distress

You've probably eaten a large, spicy meal at one time or another, only to end up with an upset stomach (or other digestive woes). The occasional bout of heartburn isn't something of great concern, but when it happens frequently, it's time...  Read more

Beat the Flu! Here's How

When a virus enters your body, one of three things can happen: The virus can die, OR Your immune system can activate and kill the virus, OR The virus can survive, multiply, and produce a cold or the flu. How do you kee...  Read more

Is It a Cold or the Flu?

Is it a cold or the flu? Our handy charts will quickly help you figure out what type of virus has you in its grip and help you decide how to treat the symptoms. (However, if your symptoms are severe, you may need to visit your doctor.) Cold and...  Read more

water retention
Updated 2/7/2014 12:18:23 PM

What are some tips I can use to help with water retention?...  Read more

Water retention
Updated 1/14/2014 6:04:37 PM

Hey folks, I'm 5'8, female, and weigh about 133lbs. I started at 168lb and got to 135 in the summer and maintained since. However I want some extra leeway so want to get to maybe 130. My usual exercise is the elleptical and walking. However,...  Read more

fluid gain from surgery
Updated 1/8/2014 10:59:23 AM

Just spent 2 days in the hospital having major surgery, ended up with a bleeder so had a 2nd surgery so spent 2 days on iv fluids and now find myself 7 lb heavier then when I entered the hospital. I can see all the swelling and puffiness but its sti...  Read more

Gained 7 pounds in a day, water retention?
Updated 12/2/2013 2:21:55 PM

I'm not panicked because I know I didn't eat over 20,000 calories lol. I actually ate normally on Thanksgiving and got in 6 servings of vegetables and a normal 2,100 calories. I only drank water all day too. When I weighed in the morning before exerc...  Read more

Water Retention
Updated 2/7/2014 11:22:13 AM

Hi everyone! Ever since I lost weight, I am having a lot of problems with salt. Whenever I eat salt now, I retain water. I gained 4kg in a day just from water. It really hurts on my thighs and upper arms. How long does it take for my body to get...  Read more

Stopped Losing?

A plateau could be caused by fluid retention, irregularity, or because you’re started to lose fat tissue & gain more lean body tissue, so you are getting leaner!Don't give up! Weight lose will resume again.If your low on magnesium and vitamin D and...  Read more

Cut the salt!

Cutting the salt in your food will reduce water retention, your blood pressure, and reduce your chance for heart disease....  Read more

Lupus and Fibromyalgia Butterflies

People living with SLE and Fibromyalgia. Tips to endure flare up times and every day fatigue and pain symptoms. A safe, welcoming community together celebrating our small and large victories....  Read more

11 Hidden Signs You Might Have a Thyroid Problem

If you are a Dancing with the Stars fan, you are likely familiar with co-host Brooke Burke-Charvet’s recent surgery to remove her thyroid cancer. Unfortunately, Brooke’s history with thyroid issues is not unique; an estimated 27 million A...  Read more

My Fat Doesn't Have Feelings; Does Yours?

We have all said the magic phrase, "I feel fat" at one time or another. While it may be a common saying, does it accurately describe what we are feeling? What exactly does fat feel like? If fat doesn't have a feeling, what exactly are we feeling? Loo...  Read more