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Fenugreek Leaves Resources

Below are top resources on SparkPeople for Fenugreek Leaves.

6 ''Biggest Loser'' Lessons to Unlearn

TV can be educational. After all, I outlined eight great lessons you can take from NBC’s hit television show, "The Biggest Loser" and apply to your own healthy lifestyle program. I said it then and I'll say it again: I am a big fa...  Read more

How to Choose and Use a Pedometer

A recent study from the RAND Corporation found that people who live in the suburbs are more prone to chronic physical health problems than people living in compact urban areas. The theory is that "suburban sprawl" reduces the time people sp...  Read more

Empty Nesters Find Purpose and Motivation

What will you do with your time once your children leave the nest? You may not have thought about it, but a new career path could be your best option. The years of parenting are spent focusing on other people’s needs, often with little time for...  Read more

Get Fit Without Leaving the House

Imagine a gym you can commute to in seconds. It’s open 24-hours, so you can come and go as you please—on your time. It’s comfortable, and you feel completely at ease when you work out there. Oh, and membership is...  Read more

Make the Most of Your Seafood Catch

Someone once said, “Show me a fish-hater, and I’ll show you a person who has never tasted properly cooked fish.” Whether you made a real catch, or just caught a deal at the grocery, follow these tips to make the most of your se...  Read more

I left the 180s a week ago but mentally my mind sa
Updated 1/19/2015 10:09:12 PM

I left the 180s a week ago but mentally my mind says I was mistaken. I keep waiting to get back on the scale to see it was a fluke and I'm really still in the 180s. Am I crazy or does anyone else experience this?...  Read more

Trying not to eat the doughnuts somebody left! !
Updated 1/16/2015 3:51:01 AM

Trying not to eat the doughnuts somebody left! ! It's 9pm I'm working night shift and they smell great! !!...  Read more

is there a place where I can leave myself notes?
Updated 1/12/2015 12:59:54 PM

is there a place where I can leave myself notes? For example, I entered that 1 walk/ran today. I would like to post how far I went so I can see that I have gotten faster or longer distance over time....  Read more

I'm about to leave my current gym, which has had i
Updated 1/9/2015 4:03:16 PM

I'm about to leave my current gym, which has had issues with access. I am thinking about Planet Fitness. Has anyone had any good or bad that you can share about them?...  Read more

The only dress left is 3 sizes smaller...
Updated 1/18/2015 2:19:08 PM

Hi there, I'm new to this blog and not a Bride but a bridesmaid. Here is my dilemma... I'm a bridesmaid tor this April 2015...the dress that the bride picked out has been discontinued. The only dress available in stock is 3 sizes smaller then I...  Read more

Why Use Spices on your diet food

Cinnamon may help lower blood sugar levels and reduce triglycerides. Cloves stimulate digestion. Ginger contains antioxidants. Tumeric fights inflamation. Cayenne Pepper and red pepper stimulates metabolism and fat-burning. Yipee!Regular consumption...  Read more

Home Remedy for High BP

One of the simple home remedy cure for Blood Pressure is Fenugreek Seeds.The Process:1. Take a pinch of Raw Fenugreek Seeds, about 8 - 10 seeds2. Swallow it with water before taking your breakfast, every morningThe Cure:The seeds of Fenugreek...  Read more

Getting Healthy in Our 20's

This group is for people in their twenties who are trying to turn over a new leaf and get healthy. We are doing this to feel better and to be better role models for our friends and families....  Read more

12 Ways to Top Your Tomato Soup

There's something so comforting about tomato soup, especially when paired with a grilled cheese sandwich. Today we're sharing with you a simple recipe for a homemade version of this comforting classic, plus ideas for how to top your soup--and...  Read more

How to Throw a Party without Breaking a Sweat

As a chef, I love to entertain in our home--especially around the holidays when the house is decorated and we want to spend time with our family and friends. As part of my schooling, we were taught how to entertain as part of our hospitality tra...  Read more