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Female Bicep Size Resources

Below are top resources on SparkPeople for Female Bicep Size.

The Pirate Workout

Hey you scallywags! No more hogboshing around the deck swabs; it’s time to earn your eye patches! This here is called "The Pirate Workout" and if you’re looking for a fun and rewarding upper body workout, you should be all over...  Read more

Isometrics Build Strength Anytime, Anywhere

Do you sometimes find yourself skipping the strength training you know you should be doing, just because it’s hard to squeeze it into your hectic schedule? Sure, it’s possible to do a very effective strength training routine at home with...  Read more

Dorm Room Workouts

College life opens new and exciting opportunities for young adults. Leaving the comforts of home for the first time to live with a total stranger in a room the size of a closet; making your own choices about where to go, when to return, what time to...  Read more

No Need to Stretch the Truth about Resistance Bands

You hear about them. You see people using them in the gym. They’re in stores, on TV, and have entire fitness classes designed around them. You think about these stretchy bands and what good (if any) they do. You want to know: What are the b...  Read more

Sneak It In and Tone It Up

If you think that you're too busy to fit in a full workout, think again. Plenty of research shows that small bouts of exercise can add up and provide just as many heart-healthy benefits as longer workouts. You don't even have to be at the gym...  Read more

It is also based on your age and height.....Ex for a female who is 25 years old, 5ft5 and 200 lbs wh

It is also based on your age and height.....Ex for a female who is 25 years old, 5ft5 and 200 lbs who has a sedentary lifestyle she consumes about 2000 calories a day to maintain that weight. To lose 1lb/week with ONLY diet, she can consume 1500 cal...  Read more

FEMALES ONLY: please help advice needed
Updated 4/17/2015 12:06:21 PM

Hey ladies, so I am feeling extremely depressed and frustrated right now. I haven't figured out anything to curb my unlimited hunger feeling or cravings during the time of the month. Every month, at least 7-10 days before, I start to crave and eat th...  Read more

Keeping up bmr -- at my size and activity level, I
Updated 4/11/2015 10:55:13 AM

Keeping up bmr -- at my size and activity level, I lose about 3200kc a day. I've cut intake to 2500, but I'm wondering, if I cut more, will that lower my bmr? At what point does the body start lowering metabolism to catch up?...  Read more

Serving Size
Updated 4/10/2015 8:07:01 AM

What is a typical serving size? I was reading a recipe for Lite Italian Wedding soup which has 6 servings but the serving size was not defined. Should I assume a cup? What about for a casserole or pasta salad? TIA...  Read more

Hello I'm 25 female from California in the West LA
Updated 4/9/2015 2:02:25 PM

Hello I'm 25 female from California in the West LA area, I work alot but am still able to go to the gym 5am. I really would like someone where we can check in, motivate and be serious about losing weight together. Need to lose 70lbs....  Read more

Pumped Up Ladies

Pumping Iron,is an awesome way to transform the female body, especially women over 45...  Read more

Female Gamer's Secret.

When your a female gamer and you know dang well you should be exercising instead of gaming. 20...  Read more

50+ Females!

We're a group of "finely aged" women are are determined to live our lives getting and staying fit, healthy and active! Join us and remember, 50+ Ladies ROCK THEIR WORLD!...  Read more

10 Full Body Strength Training Exercises for the Beginner

Fitness experts recommend a triad of exercises we should incorporate into our lifestyle in order to achieve optimum fitness. These exercises include cardio-respiratory activities, flexibility exercises and resistance training. Cardio-respiratory a...  Read more

Medicine? Magic? No, Just Meaningful Time with Girlfriends

The dailySpark welcomes guest blogger Debba Haupert of Girlfriendology is the online community for women based on inspiration, appreciation and celebration of female friendship. Today, Debba writes about the importance of friends...  Read more