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Facts About Child Obesity Resources

Below are top resources on SparkPeople for Facts About Child Obesity.

SparkPeople Needs Your Help Tackling Childhood Obesity

Editor's Note: SparkPeople first asked for your help in fighting childhood obesity a few years ago, but with the recent launch of First Lady Michelle Obama's Let's Move campaign to combat childhood obesity, we updated this article and add...  Read more

More Reason to Get Fit Before Pregnancy

According to a recent study published in Pediatrics, a child is more likely to be overweight at a young age if his mother was overweight before she became pregnant. Ohio State University researchers studied data from more than 3,000 children and...  Read more

The Facts on Weight Management and Cancer

Many pressing reasons exist to avoid being overweight or obese and, unfortunately, cancer is one of them. It has long been known that excess weight increases the risk of heart disease, stroke and type-2 diabetes. But, fewer people know about the frig...  Read more

Soda Drinkers Beware!

Studies now correlate an increase in certain health risks with soda consumption. For four years researchers tracked the soda drinking habits of 50,000 women. When women went from drinking one regular soda drink a week to at least one a day, they gain...  Read more

Fight for Your Food Rights

Who’s to blame for the obesity epidemic? The suspects are many, from television to schools to parents. A growing number of people are arguing that one culprit – the food and beverage industry – is getting off relatively scot-free. ...  Read more

Food is so NOT worth obesity. This is hard!
Updated 7/16/2015 8:56:59 PM

Food is so NOT worth obesity. This is hard!...  Read more

The fact that you're feeling good, despite results

The fact that you're feeling good, despite results in terms of numbers not happening right now, is a very good thing. It can surprise you too-I was thinking the same thing this week, then 1.5 pounds went away-nice surprise! Keep at it....  Read more

French Fun Facts- Bonjour
Updated 7/18/2015 4:42:30 PM

Bonjour - is used to say , Good Morning, and Good Day you always say this, when you enter any building, and meet a person only around dinner time, 8 pm- ish, is when you switch over to Bonsoir ( Good evening) 10...  Read more

I am so sorry you and your children are going thro

I am so sorry you and your children are going through this - I will be keeping you guys in my thoughts. Although I don't know you guys, there is a small part of me that hopes this ends up being a 'Catfish' situation for your husband....  Read more

Jimmy John's Interesting Fact
Updated 7/7/2015 2:40:20 PM

Their French Bread has about 100 calories LESS than their 7-Grain Bread. I usually stay away from white bread, but in this case, it seems the calorie savings are worth it. Unless someone can tell me that the 7-grain bread is worth more somehow....  Read more

Cooking up Some Fun

Download the free e-cookbook and show your child the joy of cooking. It offers healthy alternatives & ideas for parents & caregivers of children.
sources/pdfs/cookbook.pdf...  Read more

intresting fact abt Blood Vessels

Fact: Every pound of fat gained causes your body to make 7 new miles of blood vessels.Knowing this, itís easy to see why obesity and heart disease often go together. Most of the new blood vessels are tiny capillaries, but also include small veins and...  Read more

You're Not The Only One Without Kids!

Welcome to our 'child free' SParkers who want a safe and honest place to discuss our choices for not having children (and all things that come from that)...  Read more

Cool Infographic: How Kids Consume Food Marketing

As some of you may remember, Coach Tanya recently blogged about how First Lady Michelle Obama and Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack joined celebrity chef Rachael Ray and announced last month that there will be changes to the school lunch program. To...  Read more

The Problem of Childhood Obesity: How You Can Be Part of the Solution

The topic of childhood obesity is interesting to me, both personally and professionally.  My job is to help people create a healthier lifestyle, and I’m also the mother of three small children.  But I’ll be honest, when I see st...  Read more