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Exercise In Cold Resources

Below are top resources on SparkPeople for Exercise In Cold.

The Case for Cold Brew Coffee

Long gone are the days of squabbling over whether or not coffee should be best enjoyed black or with cream and sugar. That age-old argument has since snowballed to include pumpkin spice lattes versus peppermint mochas, pour-over versus French pre...  Read more

Alternative Cold Remedies That Really Work

Let’s face it: No one has time for a cold. In addition to making us feel miserable, colds destroy our schedules. Work, family, errands—they all have to wait while we get better. Or even worse, we have to carry on despite our achy muscles,...  Read more

Busting the 10 Biggest Cold & Flu Myths

Eat chicken soup. Bump up your vitamin C intake. Don’t step outside with wet hair. Each year as cold and flu season approaches, you probably hear these common tricks for avoiding illness. However, not all of the prevailing wisdom about viral in...  Read more

Winter Workout Safety Tips

Depending on where you live, weather conditions can vary greatly throughout the year. If you enjoy exercising outdoors, the different seasons certainly bring their share of joys and sorrows. Who wouldn’t enjoy walking, running, or biking on a w...  Read more

Is It a Cold or Allergies?

You’re sneezing. Your nose is running. Your eyes are watering. And you’re feeling run down. Is it a cold, allergies, or something else? When you've got the sniffles, it’s important to be able to distinguish between the caus...  Read more

Started exercising one month ago. Really helps my
Updated 7/31/2016 12:03:54 AM

Started exercising one month ago. Really helps my mood and energy....  Read more

Exercise Suggestions?
Updated 7/30/2016 11:23:42 PM

I have very advanced arthritis in my knees, and kneeling/squatting is extremely painful. This also means that getting down on the floor is quite difficult, and getting back up is even worse. I've been looking through some of the videos on SparkTV, bu...  Read more

Day 1 ... Ate healthy and exercised for being firs
Updated 7/30/2016 11:00:57 PM

Day 1 ... Ate healthy and exercised for being first day I'm feeling great.. Being positive for tomorrow may change lol...  Read more

Didn't do my regular exercise today. I did get som
Updated 7/30/2016 8:43:35 PM

Didn't do my regular exercise today. I did get some loads of laundry done. Laundry is on the bottom floor so I had to go up and down flights of stairs several times. Got some exercise in even if it wasn't my usual. 😊...  Read more

Did my first chair exercises today and I'm a littl
Updated 7/30/2016 7:42:58 PM

Did my first chair exercises today and I'm a little proud of myself! Hope that I stay with it though....  Read more

cold weather exercise

The key to cold weather exercise is layering enough to stay warm, but to prevent sweating which will then freeze on you...  Read more

Exercising While not Feeling Well

It's usually safe to do it as long as you listen to your body. You'll need to watch out for certain risky situations.Physical activity increases your heart rate, but so can some cold medicines. So a combo of exercise and decongestants can cause your...  Read more

Moms And Dads At Home Getting Healthy Together

Hello moms and dads! Huddle the children, your furry friends and let's get out for some exercise and away from the temptations of that beast called the fridge! See you soon!...  Read more

The Week's Best Health Stories

To fix school lunch program, D.C. turns to famed restaurateur A Strange Brew May Be a Good Thing Why Heavier Models Will NOT Become the Norm Get Energized to Exercise: Drink Cold Water Janet Jackson's W...  Read more

You Asked: ''Is It Safe to Exercise with Asthma?''

 People with asthma often have concerns about whether or not they can safely exercise without exacerbating their condition. Turns out, exercise is generally beneficial to asthma. Asthmatics can safely exercise, especially when their asthma is we...  Read more

exercise outside+cold=tired tonight

I can tell it was colder outside today while I was outside. I am tired tonight. The cold zapped my energy. I'm not going to let it stop me though. Its worth the exercise. Since I'm off work tomorrow I'm not pressed for time on how far I can go....  Read more

Exercise for Cold Weather

I started a 21 day yoga challenge today - from Yoga Journal - great exercise for indoors....  Read more