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Exercise Burn Calories Resources

Below are top resources on SparkPeople for Exercise Burn Calories.

Dorm Room Workouts

College life opens new and exciting opportunities for young adults. Leaving the comforts of home for the first time to live with a total stranger in a room the size of a closet; making your own choices about where to go, when to return, what time to...  Read more

Burn, Baby, Burn Those Calories!

One of the most important components of a healthy lifestyle is regular exercise. By incorporating a variety of exercises and activities into your routine, you can help prevent the boredom that comes with doing the same thing each day. Different activ...  Read more

Low-Impact Exercises That Burn Major Calories

If you're new to exercise, overweight, or dealing with pain caused by an injury or a chronic condition like arthritis, your doctor may have recommended that you start a low-impact workout program. But what does "low impact" really mean&...  Read more

9 Strategies to Burn More Calories During Exercise

Everyone wants to do more in less time. Just imagine how much you could get done if you had an extra hour or two a day! That may be a fantasy, but boosting the caloric burn—without spending more time in the gym—isn't. Use these smart...  Read more

Basking in the Orange Glow of Orangetheory Fitness

Fifteen minutes into my first Orangetheory Fitness workout, I was hooked. The music was energetic, the group's spirits were high and, despite my overwhelming hatred for running, I actually thought I had pretty decent form as I pounded the (treadm...  Read more

Plain popcorn is really low calorie. I can't remem

Plain popcorn is really low calorie. I can't remember exactly how much (I can't eat it with my teeth so I zoned out when fiance was telling me), but I remember it being pretty low. It's basically just a heated up corn kernel....  Read more

I've been doing really good with my calories, wate
Updated 5/23/2016 12:14:36 AM

I've been doing really good with my calories, water and excersize lately but today I feel fat. My belly and legs look and feel huge. Very disheartening =( *siiiigh* #whyyy...  Read more

Can't track calories today. I know I went somewhat
Updated 5/22/2016 10:43:13 PM

Can't track calories today. I know I went somewhat over my 1200 calories. Today was my Anniversary and we went to Pasta Too. Long wait, but the food was great! I'll start over tracking tomorrow....  Read more

First week of tracking and really exercising. Went
Updated 5/22/2016 10:19:11 PM

First week of tracking and really exercising. Went over my limit by a little a few days but I still tracked it all. One step at a time. I can do this. 18.5 pounds to lose for goal #1. Advice on sticking with it?...  Read more

I checked two different websites on calories burne
Updated 5/22/2016 10:45:40 PM

I checked two different websites on calories burned for work done they said hand washing car for 60 minutes burned 645 calories,does anybody else wonder if this is right...  Read more

Stubborn Belly Fat

LOSE THE STUBBORN BELLY FAT HIDING YOUR ABSHave you tried everything to blast that abdominal blubber, all to no avail? Give these tips a try to start seeing results.It seems no matter how hard some people work out, or how much muscle mass they put on...  Read more

2 x 30 minutes or 60 minutes? Once you've started, just keep going!

I found that you burn MORE calories by exercising for 60 minutes in one shot than for two separate sessions of 30 minutes.For me (and everyone is different) I burn approximately 200 calories in the first half hour, and *300* in the second! Yes, I bu...  Read more

Moms And Dads At Home Getting Healthy Together

Hello moms and dads! Huddle the children, your furry friends and let's get out for some exercise and away from the temptations of that beast called the fridge! See you soon!...  Read more

Find Out How Many Calories You Burn After Exercise

We’ve always heard that the positive benefits of physical activity continue long after your workout session is over.  More energy, less stress and those “feel good” endorphins are some of the immediate effects.  But what a...  Read more

8 Signs Your Cardio Workouts Are Doing More Harm Than Good

Aerobic exercise (think running, biking, and jumping rope) is good for your health, helps with weight loss and generally makes you feel good.  But believe it or not, you can have too much of a good thing—even exercise.  It's impor...  Read more