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Evening Primrose Capsules Resources

Below are top resources on SparkPeople for Evening Primrose Capsules.

Get the Facts on Flax

Flaxseed has been a part of human and animal diets for thousands of years. Even in the days of Hippocrates, flaxseed was eaten for its health benefits. Recently, however, flaxseed has gained popularity among health-conscious Americans. Despite the hy...  Read more

Eating with Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Imagine experiencing severe abdominal pain, along with alternating bouts of both constipation and diarrhea. Even worse, your doctor can find no physical explanation or effective treatment for you, despite these very real symptoms. Unfortunately, this...  Read more

Probiotics: A Billion Good Bugs

Did you know that your digestive tract contains more than 400 types of “friendly” bacteria? These little guys, commonly referred to as probiotics (which means "pro-life"), help reduce the growth of harmful bacteria and promote a...  Read more

The Mega Benefits of Omega 3s

In a college nutrition class I took back in the 90s, I overheard a classmate boasting to a small group about how she only ate fat-free food. Most of America was still in the clutches of the fat-free craze, and my classmate’s views weren’t...  Read more

Expert Solutions: Metabolism Mistakes

There is a lot of misinformation out there about dieting and exercise.  People DO want sustainable results, but many can’t judge the difference between quick fixes and the legitimate, permanent strategies for losing weight. Common...  Read more

Doing ok today, but today's an evening rehearsal d

Doing ok today, but today's an evening rehearsal day (musician) so it can be a long one...workout was harder this morning, I think mainly b/c the gym seemed warmer (inbetween winter/spring-weird heat settings)....  Read more

Evening snacks I enjoy would be toast + preservati

Evening snacks I enjoy would be toast + preservatives or jam, or maybe some cottage cheese + fruit or greek yogurt. But I enjoy those snacks at any time of the day!...  Read more

Don't waste your money. Even if taking a pill work

Don't waste your money. Even if taking a pill works, the weight will come back because it doesn't teach you how to eat correct portions. Taking off weight slowly without crazy crash diets or pills is what works long-term because your habits change....  Read more

Me too. I even signed my hubby &and me up for Kett

Me too. I even signed my hubby &and me up for Kettlebell. He complains every week that I didn't tell him and wasted our money. I even got a Kettlebell video from the library. I checked out all the core workouts and jazzercise workouts from my library...  Read more

Starting today... so i haven't even weighed today
Updated 3/24/2015 11:07:09 AM

Starting today... so i haven't even weighed today and I don't plan need crying before I even get through day one, lol. I do know that a few weeks ago, I was approaching 320....would love a buddy in the same boat. I'm 39yrs old and 5'10....  Read more

lose weight

hot green tea (decaf) will increase your metabolism and detoxify your body along with fish oil capsules...  Read more

Find a new purpose for the things you have rather than buying new.

For Example...when my son was taking formula I bought some of those little round formula containers that are sectioned off for single servings of formula. Now he no longer takes formula so I have made it my supplement container for powdered suppleme...  Read more


Dancers: ballroom, latin, swing, ballet, belly dance, hip hop, or even just dancing in the kitchen, it's all good! Don't dance? No problem! Come visit!...  Read more

Have Healthy Breasts at Every Age

Good-for-You GuideYou've supported them in hundreds of bras, figured out what shirts make them look bigger (or smaller)—maybe nourished your kids with them. You want to give your breasts the respect they deserve. As they change with time, t...  Read more

Alternative Treatments for Hot Flashes

Editor's Note: Cathy Cram, M.S., is the resident maternal fitness expert on our sister site, By Cathy Cram, M.S. This second blog in a three-part series on treatments for menopausal hot flashes focuses on alternative options....  Read more