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Emerita Phytoestrogen Cream Resources

Below are top resources on SparkPeople for Emerita Phytoestrogen Cream.

Managing Menopause with a Healthy Diet

Some women mourn it as the end of youth and fertility. Others welcome it as a time of freedom and new opportunities. Either way, menopause is a universal rite of passage for women, marking significant physical and emotional changes which can require...  Read more

Get the Facts on Flax

Flaxseed has been a part of human and animal diets for thousands of years. Even in the days of Hippocrates, flaxseed was eaten for its health benefits. Recently, however, flaxseed has gained popularity among health-conscious Americans. Despite the hy...  Read more

15 Diet-Friendly Ice Cream Choices

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream! We are a society of ice cream lovers, with the average American licking her way through almost 5 gallons of the creamy confection each year, according to the Canadian Dairy Info Centre. (Only New Zea...  Read more

Having Trouble Eating Enough? Use These Calorie-Boosting Tips

It may sound strange for us to provide tips to boost calories when many members are trying to cut back. But some people have difficulty meeting even the minimum calories in their recommended ranges, whether because of lack of hunger, loss of appetite...  Read more

Sensational Substitutions for Cooking and Baking

New Year’s Resolutions…always made and often broken. Is your motivation waning? Are you already feeling deprived because your favorite recipes are off limits? Making meals count is important. Meals should be satisfying, good tasting...  Read more

Halo Top ice cream is awesome!
Updated 8/29/2016 11:30:53 PM

Halo Top ice cream is awesome!...  Read more

Ice cream cravings-how to handle
Updated 8/29/2016 9:20:18 PM

My biggest craving is ice cream. I do not bring it home but sometimes go and buy a cone at McDonalds, I know it is 170 calories and I plan to eat it once a week on Sundays. The problem is when I want to eat ice cream on another day because of hunger...  Read more

The ice cream truck is parked across my street. Lo
Updated 8/28/2016 10:00:18 PM

The ice cream truck is parked across my street. Lord give me strength......  Read more

My husband brought ice cream home last night. My w
Updated 8/27/2016 11:12:26 AM

My husband brought ice cream home last night. My weakness. I'm proud to say, I passed it up and had popcorn instead....  Read more

#help #tips #food #hungry my brother is bringing me a bagel with cream cheese it's 9:34 am and I hav
Updated 8/26/2016 10:14:08 AM

#help #tips #food #hungry my brother is bringing me a bagel with cream cheese it's 9:34 am and I have not ate anything what should I do? Wait till 12 ? Eat half now and half at twelve or not eat it at all and eat something healthier ?...  Read more

Klondike 100 Calorie

If you are an ice-cream-a-holic like I am, 76468, but you can't control yourself with a carton of ice cream - try this product! It's yummy because it's normal ice cream - not "dietetic" and it's PORTION CONTROLLED! Perfect for me since I cannot man...  Read more

Skinny Cow Truffle Bars

French Vanilla, Chocolate, Caramel, White Mint and Cookies and Cream Truffle Bars.Lite ice cream on a stick drizzled with chocolate ribbons....  Read more

Univ of Oklahoma Boomer Sooner Sparks

Place for Sooner Fan's to talk about their love of the Crimson and Cream!!...  Read more

Alternative Treatments for Hot Flashes

Editor's Note: Cathy Cram, M.S., is the resident maternal fitness expert on our sister site, By Cathy Cram, M.S. This second blog in a three-part series on treatments for menopausal hot flashes focuses on alternative options....  Read more

15 Healthier Homemade Ice Cream Recipes

"Ice cream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!" Who doesn't like a frozen treat on a warm summer day? But if you're reading this article, I'm confident you're not screaming for the sugar, fat, and empty calories. By ma...  Read more