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Elliptical Stair Stepper Resources

Below are top resources on SparkPeople for Elliptical Stair Stepper.

Busting the Top 4 Cardio Machine Myths

Spending a good 60 minutes on the treadmill is a surefire way to make you feel accomplished. After completing the machine's fat-burning workout, you feel great and quite proud of yourself as you stare at the number flashing on the screen: 752 cal...  Read more

How to use the Elliptical Trainer

This standard piece of exercise equipment is one of the most popular in many gyms. Ellipticals are a unique hybrid of a treadmill, stepper, bike and cross-country skier, that move your legs in an elongated oval pattern (hence the name elliptical). Th...  Read more

Plateau Busters - Part 3

We hear it all the time—you changed your habits and lost weight steadily, but after awhile, that progress halted. You’ve been stuck at the same weight for days, weeks, or even months. There’s nothing more frustrating than trying you...  Read more

How to Use the Stair Stepper

If you’ve never tried a stair stepping machine (StairMaster, stair climber, etc.), you’re missing out on a fantastic cardio exercise that strengthens your legs and lungs at the same time. A stair stepper is a moderate-intensity option tha...  Read more

Are You in a Cardio Rut? Break Free!

Are you bored with your cardio workout? Do you yawn when thinking of getting on the stationary bike again? Are you already dreading the stair stepper workout that you have scheduled for tomorrow morning? If you answered "yes" to any of thes...  Read more

nordic trac e15 elliptical tips wanted for moving
Updated 1/25/2014 5:45:06 PM

hi i am going to look at purchasing a used nordic trac e15 elliptical today and the weather here is very cold, i am looking at tips for moving or disassembling to at least get the console off to protect it thanks everyone...  Read more

Pedometer on Elliptical??
Updated 1/13/2014 6:08:36 PM

Hi: My insurance company (Humana) gave me a free pedometer and let's me earn points for workouts. The problem is that I use an elliptical every day and it seems to not work very well on it. It does not register most of the steps (more than half ar...  Read more

elliptical with tracker
Updated 1/12/2014 6:10:06 PM

Today I did 20 minutes on my elliptical at home to test out my new tracker. First of all, it tracked it as "cycling", but even when I changed it the calorie count was only about half of what endomondo reported with my heart rate monitor. The distance...  Read more

Hi everyone, Elliptical question
Updated 1/5/2014 9:45:12 AM

I have a elliptical and a treadmill, but I feel I have started challenging myself by using the elliptical and quit using my treadmill, why is it after continuous working out id say 4-5 days a week of a hours elliptical training why haven't I noticed...  Read more

How to record stairs climbing?
Updated 12/9/2013 10:35:01 AM

I did cardio by climbing 16-flights of stairs up and down continuously several times. How do I record that in the "My Fitness" tracker? There is no such item when searching. Thanks!...  Read more

Change Your Routine

I was in a plateau from June 2012 till about October 2012 - stuck between a 3lbs range! I was running almost every day all summer. I then got a new workout Wii game in October and wouldn't you know, my weight started to drop again! I was so into my r...  Read more

Alternate cardio activities

I'm finally starting to see great results now that I do 3 different cardio activities ( 30 to 60 minutes , 2x's a week each) alternating between: elliptical, stepper and my favorite super calorie burner spinning!104...  Read more

Treadmill , Elliptical , Runners, Walkers & Etc.

WELCOME to all who use the treadmill, elliptical machine, climb, run or walk to get your cardio done on a daily routine and love it!...  Read more

Creative Cardio Workout: The Machine Mixer

We all have our own cardio personalities. Some swear by sweating in the great outdoors. Others prefer the air conditioning. You might prefer exercising solo, while your best friend lives for the contagious energy in a Spinning class.Whether you'r...  Read more

Cross-Training Activities for Runners

The old running adage is as follows, “in order to run, one must run”—this is commonly referred to as the Principle of Specificity of Training. In other words, in order for you to become a more efficient runner, you must spend time running. But doing...  Read more