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Eggplant Uses Resources

Below are top resources on SparkPeople for Eggplant Uses.

Dining Out: Greek & Middle Eastern Cuisines

Characteristics: There’s more to Greek food than gyros, baklava and Greek salads. Many dishes include low-fat dips, but many desserts and pastries are loaded with fat. Overall, this is generally a healthy way to eat; even the higher calor...  Read more

Herbs and Spices to ''Spark'' Your Food

Wake up your taste buds! Cooking with herbs and spices will enhance the flavor of healthy foods without adding fat, salt, sugar, or calories. Herbs and spices contribute bright color, savory taste and sensational aroma. Tips for using herbs and...  Read more

Meatless Meals Benefit Your Health

"What do you eat?!” may be the question most often heard by vegetarians, as if meat is the only food group available. Obviously, as the five million thriving vegetarians in America have shown, there’s a lot to eat, without choosing m...  Read more

The Shelf Life of Fruits and Vegetables

In addition to storing your fruits and veggies properly, it's good to know approximately how long the fresh stuff will last. Plan your trip to the grocery or farmer's market accordingly so that your foods are at the peak of freshness when you...  Read more

Dining Out: Thai Cuisine

Characteristics: Dishes are usually packed with lots of fresh ingredients, and have many hot, spicy, flavorful, along with some sweet and sour options. Common Ingredients: These foods feature chili peppers, rice, noodles, sugar, citr...  Read more

Also, my mom uses honey in her coffee. She said th

Also, my mom uses honey in her coffee. She said there was a little bit of an adjustment period since it has a different flavor, but she likes it better than white sugar or the fake stuff....  Read more

If you are only using your phone, it may be a bit

If you are only using your phone, it may be a bit more difficult. You would have to maybe use the browser on your phone rather than the app and log in from there? I am not sure the sparkteams are searchable by just the mobile chat option :(...  Read more

Using menu for whole family
Updated 5/6/2015 4:27:39 PM

Hi! I was looking at the weekly menu and see the grocery list. My wife has had a profile here, too, and we noticed that at any one time, our menus are not the same. Add into that three children and.... We'd like to all be on the same page foo...  Read more

I'm stuck using the mobile app for a while so I wa
Updated 5/5/2015 8:00:28 PM

I'm stuck using the mobile app for a while so I was wondering if any one knows of a way to track measurements from here? I don't have a scale to track weight with....  Read more

Just stared using this program and it tells me so
Updated 5/4/2015 7:55:38 PM

Just stared using this program and it tells me so much about my food. I was taking in about 89+ fat grams a day. 40 was just on breakfast. I thought I was eating a healthy breakfast. Now I average 23 grams of fat a day and lost 7 pounds first week!!!...  Read more

A Great Diuretic!

Eggplant is low in calories and high in fiber & magnesium & potassium. Good for diabetic and dieters alike because of it's high water content. A great Diuretic! Has antioxidants too! Try eggplant parm, eggplant stew, and some people add eggplant to...  Read more

Low Calorie Eggplant has Lots Of Fiber

Eggplant is used to reduce glucose levels of type II Diabetes. This vegetable contains low levels of carbohydrates and high fiber levels. In fact, the vegetable is regarded as a natural method of controlling diabetes. however people with untreated ki...  Read more

GoodLife Go-ers!

For those of you using GoodLife Fitness Centres as your tool to get fit! It's a good day!!...  Read more

12 Delectable Ways to Use Eggplant

Looking for some new ways to use eggplant? We've rounded up a variety of healthy and delectable recipes for you to try. Spicy Eggplant Dip Eggplant Lasagna Mushroom and Eggplant Skewers Mini Eggplant Pizzas Eggplant, Squash, and Zucchi...  Read more

Make This Meal: Chef Meg's Eggplant Napoleon

This recipe was inspired by moussaka, eggplant Parmesan and lasagna. The result is a light and tasty meatless meal that makes any night a special occasion. A Napoleon is a traditional French dessert made with layers of puff pastry and a pastry c...  Read more