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Eating Right Diet Resources

Below are top resources on SparkPeople for Eating Right Diet.

Plateau Busters - Part 1

We hear it all the time—you changed your habits and lost weight steadily, but after awhile, that progress halted. You’ve been stuck at the same weight for days, weeks, or even months. There’s nothing more frustrating t...  Read more

The Healthy Vacation Guide

Vacation season is here! You deserve a break, after spending the last few months becoming a fitter, healthier you, right? While vacation is a time to relax and take a break from work, stress, and the usual routine, it shouldn’t be a break from...  Read more

Grocery Store Steals and Tips

Trying to eat healthy on a tight budget? An important part of starting a healthy diet is to be supermarket savvy. At times, eating the nutritious stuff can cost a little more than the unhealthy foods you might consume, so it’s important to...  Read more

Quick and Healthy Breakfast Ideas

We all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. After (hopefully) spending eight hours sleeping, breaking your fast with a well-balanced, healthy meal is the best way to start your day. But what if you just don't have e...  Read more

Stop Weekend Binges

The structure of the work (or school) week can be extremely conducive to maintaining good eating habits. If you have a very predictable daily routine, it can be easier to plan meals and snacks and eat on a consistent schedule so that you never get to...  Read more

Try eating more throughout the day. I eat about 5-

Try eating more throughout the day. I eat about 5-6 times a day. Always have a protein bar around as a back up. I eat things that are protein heavy as well. That way I am actually eating all the time but in smaller amounts....  Read more

Awesome day...healthy eating all day
Updated 10/5/2015 12:31:15 AM

Awesome day...healthy eating all day...  Read more

??i eat more calories than my goal
Updated 10/4/2015 11:39:36 PM

??i eat more calories than my goal...  Read more

Tap the "MySpark" icon on the bottom right side of the screen. Tap on the "Settings" tab. Tap "Con

Tap the "MySpark" icon on the bottom right side of the screen. Tap on the "Settings" tab. Tap "Connect Devices." Tap the "Connect" button listed next to the device/app that you would like to connect....  Read more

i read peoplblogs that say they binge eat or cant
Updated 10/4/2015 11:31:29 PM

i read peoplblogs that say they binge eat or cant stop eating when they are full. i dont have those problems at all but im still very over weight. im still exercising 6 days a week. i wake up sore.. the scale isnt budgin.. im a little frustrated :(...  Read more

You can really fill up on homemade soups.

Make a big pot of soup once or more times weekly. This is the time to add all those left over veggies - even new ones you never really enjoyed! It really fills you up before lunch or dinner. Even a small bowl during snack time. Gets those veggies...  Read more


I cut fat left and right to help with my diet...  Read more


A wonderful group from Michigan who joined sparkpeople in hopes of getting control of their weight and learn to eat healthy. ...  Read more

What if Everything You Think You Know About Losing Weight is Wrong?

If you’re someone who’s watching what you eat for weight loss or better health, you probably believe that obesity is caused by eating more calories than you expend each day. And that keeping fat intake—especially saturated fat—relatively low and carb...  Read more

Can't We All Just Get Along?

Coach Nicole suggested this catchy title after listening to my small rant in the office recently about accepting people where they are and encouraging them toward where they want to be. Lately I have been bothered by the intolerance of people. Not in...  Read more