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Types of Arthritis

When you hear the term "arthritis," you probably imagine painful and stiff joints. While that is pretty accurate (arthritis literally means "joint inflammation"), there are actually over 100 different types of arthritis, which is...  Read more

29 Proven Methods to Manage Aches & Pains

Many people struggle with pain. Whether it's short term from an injury or chronic due to disc issues, neuropathy or Fibromyalgia, we all want to find relief. Pain clinics and medical interventions are great places to begin, but some pain sufferer...  Read more

6 Salad-Packing Smarts

So, you’re looking for a fast, portable and veggie-packed lunch that you can easily take with you to work. What’s the first thing that comes to mind? Salad, of course! Salads are versatile, quick to throw together, and jam-packed with nut...  Read more

10 Ways to Stay Healthy When Working from Home

Working from home may seem like a dream. You have no boss popping up behind you. No employees to interrupt you with the latest office gossip. No donuts to avoid. But, working from home—with all of its perks and pluses—also presents some u...  Read more

Eating Healthier at the Office

Work. It's where most of us spend the majority of our weeks. While that realization can be somewhat depressing, it also shows how your habits at work have a huge effect on your weight-loss goals. Sure, the office can be full of temptation--whethe...  Read more

I made it to the gym today. A friend at work is tr
Updated 11/24/2015 10:47:06 PM

I made it to the gym today. A friend at work is training me on weights. I hope it helps to drop the lbs!...  Read more

At the gym working my ass off after i ate the bigg
Updated 11/24/2015 10:22:31 PM

At the gym working my ass off after i ate the biggiest pot luck at work!!! :-/...  Read more

I am looking for a good way to log my work as part
Updated 11/26/2015 10:53:20 PM

I am looking for a good way to log my work as part of my exercise. I work at a convenience store and cook and unload and put away stock and walk on my feet 10 hours a day. Any ideas?...  Read more

Something I learned....don't work out with wii...w
Updated 11/24/2015 8:22:08 PM

Something I learned....don't work out with wii...with dog and cat in the in my way!!! Hope everyone is having a good night...I'm off to fix a healthy dinner...  Read more

Off work and watching one of my recorded shows bef
Updated 11/24/2015 10:28:39 PM

Off work and watching one of my recorded shows before I workout. I want to munch so bad! I have some hummus and carrots hoping that will curb the cravings....  Read more

Avoid the Negative

If something or someone is giving you problems that are really bringing you down and you catch yourself saying or thinking negative things, follow that thought up with a positive one. Turn that negative thought into a positive one and get your atti...  Read more

Wall sits while brushing teeth

Break your two minutes of brushing time into 30 second segments. Do a wall sit during the first 30, rest during the second 30, wall-sit during the 3rd segment, and rest during the last. It makes sure you brush your teeth long enough, too!...  Read more

SparkGuy's 10 Minute Fitness Club

Group for anyone to build a consistent fitness habit by doing at least 10 minutes of fitness most days per week. See the message board in the SP Challenges forum by the same name....  Read more

Pill-Free Ways to Erase Your Pain

Head hurts? Thankfully, there are a slew of tactics to try to feel better before you hit the pharmacy. From jamming to your favorite tunes to patching up the pain, these methods will work wonders.The psychologist says…Listen to your favorite m...  Read more

10 Things You Didnít Know About Headaches

By Sarah Jio via Woman's DayOh, the dreaded headache. The pounding. The tension. The pain. Whether you’re plagued with regular headaches or only get one every once in a while (let’s hope for the latter), we’ve rounded up the mos...  Read more