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Diet For Cholesterol Resources

Below are top resources on SparkPeople for Diet For Cholesterol.

What Causes High Cholesterol?

Elevated cholesterol levels aren't caused by a high-cholesterol diet alone. The fact is, a combination of factors affect your cholesterol levels. There are two main categories of risks that contribute to high cholesterol—those that you can&...  Read more

Fats That Fight Cholesterol

If you're reading this, your doctor has probably told you that your cholesterol levels are too high. Maybe she put you on a medication to help lower cholesterol, or simply told you to consume less cholesterol-containing foods. No matter what you...  Read more

The Keys to Conquering Cholesterol

Heart disease is a scary thing. In the face of dire risk factor statistics and horror stories about cholesterol, you can easily get rattled. You might feel overwhelmed by the whole cholesterol question, and feel like you face uninformed life and...  Read more

Supplements for a Healthy Heart

So you just found out that you have high cholesterol, or perhaps you have a strong family history of heart disease and want to do your best to prevent it. So you head to the pharmacy or health food store for help, only to be bombarded by countless su...  Read more

The 22 Healthiest Fast Foods

Your fridge is stocked with fresh produce, lean meats and low fat dairy products, there’s a whole grain baguette in the bread box, and your pantry has been purged of tempting junk foods. Eating healthy at home is a breeze. But when you&rsq...  Read more

Started my diet today so excited burnt 537 calorie
Updated 6/20/2016 10:14:43 PM

Started my diet today so excited burnt 537 calories in the gym I had oats with fruits a mix salad for lunch and some greek yogurt for snack Is this a good start or I should eat more?...  Read more

What are good suggestions for a low carb diet
Updated 6/20/2016 4:53:54 PM

What are good suggestions for a low carb diet...  Read more

Started back on the military diet today. Going to
Updated 6/20/2016 4:57:44 PM

Started back on the military diet today. Going to do my core and cardio workout in a little bit I think I need to change and do some workouts in the morning rather at night but the Zumba I will continue that at night BC I love the instructor #workout...  Read more

I know this isn't diet related but it is health re
Updated 6/20/2016 3:33:56 PM

I know this isn't diet related but it is health related. I'm on day 2 of being smoke free. However I am using the patch. Staying on track with my diet and exercise as well. Yippy! 😀...  Read more

I started my diet 6 days ago and have lost 1 pound
Updated 6/20/2016 1:14:13 PM

I started my diet 6 days ago and have lost 1 pound per day? Is this normal? I am on a calorie deficit keeping them at 1200....  Read more

Heart Goodies For All

For years, health officials and dietitians have been encouraging us to cut back on animal fats, such as butter, and replace them with vegetable oils rich in linoleic acid, such as soybean, canola and corn oils. Those oils contain polyunsaturated fatt...  Read more

Unscrambling Eggs Health Food...or Bad Yolk?

"Love to eat eggs? U.S. panel now says they're not a health risk," reported Reuters in February."Cholesterol in the diet: The long slide from public menace to no 'appreciable' effect," ran the headline in the Washington Post.Both articles were refe...  Read more

Coffee Junkies of the World!

Caffeine need not be a dirty word when dieting. Our team is for all Sparkers hopelessly in love with their coffee. Drop by the cafe, we're open 24/7 and the coffee is always great!!...  Read more

The Hidden Heart Attack: New Study Explores How Women Are Missing the Signs of a Cardiac Event

When most of us think of someone having a heart attack, we picture the typical movie or TV version, where the person grabs his or her chest and falls to the ground. But in reality, a cardiac event rarely occurs in such a dramatic fashion. In fact, yo...  Read more

You Asked: ''Should I Be Concerned about Going Over My Daily Cholesterol Limit?''

Is one day of high-cholesterol eating going to hurt your health? Great question! Dietary cholesterol usually gets a bad rap, but did you know that your body actually needs cholesterol? That's because cholesterol is a building block of body c...  Read more

Engine 2 Diet - Lowering Cholesterol and Fighting Heart Disease

Like lots of people in this country I have high cholesterol. Not so high that I need to panic but it could definitely be better. My coworker is twice my age and can probably run circles around me. She found out that her cholesterol was a littl...  Read more