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Destress Games Resources

Below are top resources on SparkPeople for Destress Games.

Plan the Perfect Girls Day Out

Friendships seem to be front and center throughout childhood and early adulthood, but once careers get into full swing and families start to grow, female friendships often take a back seat to other priorities. Nurturing good friendships is hugely imp...  Read more

7 Things that Separate Weight-Loss Winners & Losers

As you've probably figured out, winning at weight loss is about making long-lasting, life-altering change. Just like any sport or skill, you might start out a little rocky. Choosing healthy foods, trying different workouts, and finding the strate...  Read more

Drop the Fatitude and Get a Winning Attitude!

If permanent weight loss were as simple as eating less and moving more, you wouldn’t be reading this article—you’d be off somewhere enjoying your fit, trim self without a thought in your head about the difficulties of weight loss. ...  Read more

3 Strategies to Prevent Relapse After Reaching Your Goal Weight

When it comes right down to it, the “secret” to keeping the weight you’ve lost off is really very simple: Don’t stop doing the things that helped you take it off in the first place. Obviously, you’ll need to make s...  Read more

Stretching Should Not Be Missing In Action

When you think about working out—or even see it on TV, in movies, or at your own gym—does stretching come to mind? Probably not. Stretching is easily ignored, even in commercials for gyms. Yet it's an important part of any fitnes...  Read more

How to bring my "A game"?
Updated 12/14/2014 11:01:30 PM

I would love to bring my "A game" when it comes to diet and fitness. Right now I'm bringing my "D game". Mainly because I have a hard time with delayed gratification when it comes to my body ("Oooohh that [insert junk food here] looks so good now")....  Read more

a long trip alphabet game.
Updated 12/6/2014 2:44:38 AM

my mom used to have us kids play this game on long car trips. you choose a letter, choose a name with the same letter, then a country then an object i'll use s for this example. so then you say, my name is sacha, i'm from spain, and i sell sunglasses...  Read more

back in the game!
Updated 11/1/2014 1:51:50 PM

hello (: my name is victoria. i am 23, an avid soccer player and an aspiring trauma nurse. i have trouble keeping my motivation up, and need the support of fellow sparkers. if you need a buddy please message me and we can help each other out (:...  Read more

off to my sons pee wee football game,it's hard to
Updated 10/18/2014 8:29:18 AM

off to my sons pee wee football game,it's hard to keep track of my exercise at the game but I'm never one place walking around the field constantly GO STALLIONS!...  Read more

It is funny what a mental game weightloss can be e
Updated 10/16/2014 6:57:49 PM

It is funny what a mental game weightloss can be espically with diet. I am tracking doing great and yet my mind tells me to want things even when I am full. I don't know if it is habit or what anyone else experience this ?...  Read more

My Guilty Pleasure

Guilty pleasures don't have to cost you calories! I'm in Iraq, work out alone in my quarters and use which allows me to "create" my own radio station that streams through my laptop. My go-to workout station at age 39? "Britney Spears Ra...  Read more

Plan, Plan, and Plan and then Plan again

You need a game plan and a backup game plan for when your game plan goes off course. And repete...  Read more

Dance Dance Revolution

For those of us that love the game and realize that it's a great workout as well =)...  Read more

Chef Meg's Makeover: Brown Rice Risotto

When the weather starts to cool, risotto is one of those dishes that pop up on menus. Creamy and rich, studded with vegetables--and usually full of cream, cheese, and butter. Traditionally, risotto, which is a slow-cooked rice dish that hails from no...  Read more

Sleep Better Tonight

Think the solution to your fatigue is an earlier bedtime? Getting enough sleep is important, but it’s also the quality that counts—and there’s more to it than just a comfy bed. Also complicating things: As you get older, your sleep...  Read more